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There're some amazing pics that i've never seen before.
Attention Dial-up people; broadband content ahead.

Enjoy :P

posted by  Unfedfat

Don't get excited guy(s), UFF hasn't returned I'm afraid :(

Just thought I'd randomly revive one of CF's oldest threads, lol.....Dial Up? haha!

posted by  Cliffy

Aww, man. You had me going for a minute..

posted by  Bubba

Holy crap, this forum still exists?

It's been about 6 years since I last visited and probably 8-10 since I was active. Crazy how fast time flies. Also a fun trip down memory lane...I am NOT proud of some of the crap I said when I was like 16.

posted by  Nissan_Altima

Same, makes me wanna punch myself in the face.

posted by  chris_knows

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