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I am looking for a cheap 3000 gt vr4.I need to know where i could find one.AS long as the body is fine Im interested I can build my own engine. If you have a picture Id like to see it.

Please include price

posted by  Vicious

isnt vr4 a limited edition? i know it is for the galants.... and if it is, its gunna be really friggn hard to find one

posted by  mazda6man

no i mean just states who have California's emisssions laws....other states are more lax about emissions than california and the other states.

posted by  SuperJew

The 3000 gt vr-4 will be very hard to find. My advice would be to look on search engines i guarantee you will find one. And dont be afraid to go lookin in other states. My bro went to California for his MR2. But that 3000 gt vr-4 is my absolute favorite, practical, car ever.

posted by  Heat_Seeker

I heard somewhere that its illegal to run a VR-4 in california and the states whos emissions laws are as tough....is that true? or am i confusing it with the Supra Turbo.... :?:

posted by  SuperJew

It would only be illegal if you couldn't pass emissions and still drove it because you wouldn't have the car registered, and therefore driving w/out license plates. Plus, if it's sold in America, which it is, it is legal, again, if you can pass emissions.

posted by  Heat_Seeker

Well wherever you take it to drive, if it can't pass that states emissions, it is illegal, if you can, it's perfectly legal. I dont know where you heard it was just flat out illegal, but that is wrong.

posted by  Heat_Seeker

ok thanks

posted by  SuperJew

Get your facts straight before spewing your bullshit. Have you ever heard of 49 state legal emission controls? Obviously not. If a car is legal in California it exceeds standards for the rest of the country so it is legal anywhere, but a 49 state car is not legal in Cal.

posted by  vwhobo

Heheh, remove your latex body suit and look in the mirror, dude. I said "if it can't pass that state's emissions. That meaning, California, Iowa, or redneck hell...

posted by  Heat_Seeker

Yeah, I did read everything you said including "Plus, if it's sold in America, which it is, it is legal, again, if you can pass emissions." So you're contradicting yourself and confusing people who have to figure out what you really mean. Maybe you're the one who's having trouble with the latex body suit.

So what's happening here is you're agreeing with what SJ is saying in a very disagreeable way. It confused him, it confused me, and it looks like you're confused to. If you want to agree, do so. If you want to disagree, do so. Just make it clear.

posted by  vwhobo

Over here it changes from city to city. Boise does emmissions checks and Caldwell doenst. So if your registered in boise and dont pass you cant drive in boise. but you can drive all you want in caldwell. Oh yeah and over here there are hundreds of VR4's. Easy to find.

posted by  Sethro

I know for a fact VR-4's are legal in California. I've seen plenty of them on the road and for sale in the local newspapers.

posted by  Widowmaker2k

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