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As most of the regular's know i havent been here for a long time...
Well what can i say; Let me explain: When i first got my new computer and the internet i was all over it like how do u say "white on rice". And that'd explain me being online everyday for a month or two. But i've gotten bored of the internet and i've gone back to my regular days PUSSY!!!

Well if you want more of an explaination as to what i mean... look up the profile of goofer02@ (it cums with pics)

But one thing i'd like to know is how everythings goin. How is everyone's life? Any problems anything good happen? any new ladies? any funny stories? all we know about each other are which cars are our favorites... SPEAK UP!

posted by  VMJYogi

Well, these are car forums but...

Only new thing for me is that I finally quit my job at the radio station. I couldn't stand not getting paid. I'm tryng to get job changing oil at Wally world. I have a friend that works there and makes $10+ an hour, and he just works on cars all day. Sounds like a good job to me.

Other than that, just school. No women in my life right now, I find they complicate things far to much. So until im ready for a 24/7 headache again, I'm taking a break from Womens.

posted by  Zalight

Life's going pretty good. No women in my life yet, but probably soon. :smoke:

Still waiting to get my driving privledges back. :ohcrap: :cussing:

posted by  abless

Nothing really new over here in Germany now. The weather is still rainy and clouded. I think the summer is over. :wink2:

I just cooking out a few new concept projects at this time, some sort of "Euro GTOs" and a SUV. :smoke:
The ladies come and go.

posted by  lutz

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