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Hi guys and gurls! I just joined this site b/c i need help on wut this does and that does on a car!!! Lemme see, i dont kno wut a 2.2 liter does, ummmm....i dont kno wuts the difference between a V8 or V6, well u get the picture. I just needa faq that tells u what does what so i could make a, as tony the tiger sez, a greeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaat import car.

posted by  Young'n

A 2.2-litre engine means that the capacity of all its cylinders adds up to 2.2 litres. A V6 has 6 cylinders that are configured in a V formation that can save space in the engine bay. V twin engines also have 2 cylinder heads, 2 exhausts etc as opposed to straight engines that only have one of each.

posted by  snoopewite

basically a 4 cylinder engine is smaller than a 6, and a 6 is smaller than an 8 cylinder engine. HP's (horsepower), and the torque determines also of how fast the car can go. There is a lot to know about cars so hopefully you know what to do by your research and what people may tell you. Good Luck :!:

posted by  JettaChiC20

This site might help you in the learning process.


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Here's another one.


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