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Howdy, all. I just was wondering if there was anyone here who has done Tae Bo before... I bought a Tae Bo DVD today and plan on trying it out tomorrow morning- just wondering if anyone had experience with it.

posted by  Patrick

Yes patrick i have. :laughing: Billy blanks Taebo both 1 and 2! the ultimate work out :thumbs:

posted by  Lukaz

Oh, I also have some Billy Blanks videos!!

..but they are slightly different!! :laughing:

posted by  lutz

Well, today was my first day doing Tae Bo. Billy Blanks blows my mind. No joke. The man goes a mile a minute and doesn't lose a breath. It really was rather fun, but some of the steps are very tough to do in the very short time he takes to introduce them, and then you end up getting lost trying to do an elaborate step-cross-step-kick-step-jab-uppercut sequence. I suppose it just takes some getting used to. I certainly can feel the muscles I don't normally use, though.

posted by  Patrick

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