I got my license!!

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hey all in CF land...just wanted to say that i passed todays road test of mine and now have my junior license! :mrgreen:

posted by  SuperJew

:clap: :clap:
Congratulations, SJ!! It's time for some champaign, but not during a drive :laughing:

posted by  lutz

what tha..... how old are you sj?

posted by  Ki2AY

I thought you could already drive......?

posted by  DodgeRida67

Give the kid a break. Congrat SJ. :clap: :clap: :hi:

Now you are sitting cool.:smoke:

posted by  Coffin Type R

Congrats. I've got mine too, but my parents won't let me drive their cars anymore after my little.... uh.... accidente con la policia y la marijuana. :smoke: :smoke: :smoke:

My parents are stupid about the provisional license requirements (no one else in the car, no driving between 12 and 5 am), so I don't care anyhow, cause I just ride my bicycle and get excersize too.

posted by  abless

Bout damn time SJ. I've had mine for damn near 6 months now. JP man, congrats.

posted by  Satty101

Congrats SJ .. what exactly is a juniour licence?? :ohcrap:

In UK you have provisional - Full - Full pass + - full IAM

i have had my full pass + licence for nearly a year now.

anyway well done :clap:

posted by  Lukaz

Probably the same as your provisional. only 1 friend, no driving btween 12-5AM, blah blah blah. I can drive with unlimited friends in...15 days. wOOt!!11oneoneone

posted by  Satty101

ive had my permit for 6 months now. you know what a permit is, right?

im 16 now...will be 17 in february.

a junior license in NY is basically a full license only with 2 restrictions:

1) No more than 2 unrelated passengers in the car
2) no driving after 9:00 unless under certain circumstances

and thanks everyone!

posted by  SuperJew

The moderator of a car forum did'nt even have his license? Haha! I'm sorry but thats damn near heart exploding hilarious. Talk about irony. Anywhos, congrats SJ. Welcome to the world of solo driving. Enjoy it now, becuase in a few months the natural high of having a license will go away. Now if we all remember what happens to drug users when they loose their high in health class right?

posted by  DSMer

Congratulations, Sj! :thumbs:

posted by  Bubba

Congrats !!! :clap: :clap: :wink2:

posted by  m8internet

This is a problem

You mean to tell me that you two son-of-a-bitch moderators of a car forum are novice drivers at best?

From now on, don't EVER correct me, or challenge anything I say about a car.

You two, and all other moderators who can't drive should be fired from your position. You probably can't even drive a stick yet.

This forum is full of poor leadership.

posted by  What

Hey, congrats SJ...Sorry It's late! :thumbs:

posted by  Cliffy

I believe congratulations are in order. If I had to guess, it'd be rather difficult to get your license in New York. Or at least horribly nerve-racking. I'll be taking mine in a town in the country, where they put our county courthouse, for whatever reason. So traffic and the like won't be much of a worry for me.

posted by  Patrick

well, Patrick, mine was pretty easy. it was in a city like 15 minutes away from where i live, and that was bad, cuz the streets were all in terrible condition. but where I live, its all suburbia and such. so we have some pretty nice roads.

posted by  SuperJew

You got lucky. Mine was in downtown Milwaukee... :banghead: I still passed with onyl 2 points off though. :mrgreen:

posted by  Satty101

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