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hey everybody, i just want to say hello to the board. may as well say something interesting. I recently saw some clips from a new show about 2 guys who go around making things "cooler". they take your household stff and do weird stuff to it like dip it in chrome or add fuzzy purple upholstry. anything is better than reality tv, check it out. I think I'll pass on toilet with the stereo though.... video clips ( 4709&UID=16) They're also giving away a customized 61 Oldsmobile with V8, 350 HP, custom paint job and some other stuff too.

posted by  back_stabbed

im totally not touching this...not sure if its advertising or not. fellow mods?

posted by  SuperJew

its not!!! its really a new tv pilot!! :cussing:

posted by  back_stabbed

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