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Hey I just moved to Florida from the chicago land area. I'm trying to build a car team since I used to run with a well known team up north and I miss the events and the union of people getting together for a cause or hobby they all love!! If anyone is interested please let me know and we can see whats up with the idea!! I'm thinking something like an import/domestic team with divisions like street, drag, SPL, and show but nothing is set yet!!

posted by  chrissy04

Where ya at in Florida? I'm right in between Tampa and Orlando, in Lakeland, FL.

posted by  omega

I'm in Riverview just outside of Brandon. I'm pretty close to you! If your interested in starting something good here let me know. I went to the "races" down here and I laughed so hard. It was really bad. I honestly saw a purple saturn with a silver wing. Whan gets me is all of these front wheel drive cars with the big wings on the back. does horse power work differently down here??


posted by  chrissy04

While what you saw was undoubtably just wannabe showcars and typical ricers, please remember that wings have little to do with horsepower, and usually very little to do with accellerative traction. Even on cars that are using them properly.

"Team" implies a more professional organization. Why can't they be "car clubs" anymore? Must they be "crews" or "teams?" A bunch of people with different cars hanging around together ins't a 'team."

posted by  ChrisV

A team is a team when we pull through a show together. We work together and support eachother. I'm not stereotyping you as an over confident dick don't stereotype me as a ricer. I've seen "ricers" that would blow your mind.

posted by  chrissy04

I live in South Florida, and as my car is NO performance vehicle (1992 Camaro RS 3.1L V6), I do plan on making it look nice (not really for show, but for personal pleasure).

However, If you do plan on expanding as far south as me I'd be more then happy to do some sort of 'team' or 'club'. Right now I don't have the funds to do anything really nice to the car, but I am installing a CarPC :D

Here are some pictures.

If you want to get in touch with me, my AIM screen name is "LevineXB", and my E-Mail is NOSPAMCoRPS@GamersImpulse.comNOSPAM (minus the NOSPAM ofcourse).

I have a few friends down here with nice MR2's, however as I've heard, they are all in some kind of "MR2 Club". Anyway, Drop me a line if you're interested.

Edit: By the way, I'm in the Cutler Ridge/Kendall area.

posted by  CoRPS

Whether or not you are stereotyping ChrisV as an "over confident (sic) dick" which I can attest that he is,:hi: he never stereotyped you as anything. More to the point he is absolutely correct in the points that he is making which unfortunately flew right over your 18 year old, I already know everything about everything, this girl thinks she knows more about cars than anyone head. Allow me to breifly summarize what he said, maybe this time you'll pay attention.

1. ChrisV said the cars that you saw were "just wannabe showcars and typical ricers". He didn't say you were a ricer. He also made reference to ground vehicle dynamics which you obviously have no understanding of so I won't waste my time trying to explain.

2. A "team" as ChrisV explains is something not only more professional but also more narrowly focused. A football team trains and plays together and wears the same uniforms. A debate team pools it's talent for the purpose of one goal, to win a debate. What you are refering to is simply a car club, an association of people with similar interests. Like it or not you want to start a car club. Maybe if you called it what it really is you'd have more interest in getting it off the ground.

Final point. ChrisV and myself have both owned and built more cars than you've ever seen. I can't speak for him personally but I was building "performance rice" in California before you were born. So... while you may have "seen "ricers" that would blow your mind", I have built and owned them. Bottom line little girl is you're going to have to do alot better to impress us, or anyone else for that matter.

posted by  vwhobo

I live in Lakeland and would like to be part of a car club. Below are the cars that I've modified so far:

1991 Toyota MR2 (Home Turbo Converstion 14.50 1/4 mile)* Sold
1993 3000GT VR4 (12.22 1/4 mile)* Sold
1997 Eagle Talon TSI (Light mods)* Sold
1988 Toyota MR2 Supercharger (Light mods)* Sold
1988 Mitsubishi Cordia 1.8 Turbo (Lots of mods) Finishing Turbo upgrade
1991 Toyota MR2 Turbo (New Project) Doing a head gasket rebuild

If anyone cares to organize a car club so we can chit-chat about race stories and swap modification ideas around, let me know.

In the meantime, work hard and Play Harder!


posted by  SOOFIERCE

Living in the Brandon area, interested in getting a club started also... reply back if interested..

posted by  Iceman112

I never said YOU were a ricer, just some of the cars you saw. Wasn't being mean at ALL. then you made reference to a FWD car with a rear wing, and asked about hp. I calmly mentioned that wings have nothing to do with hp or accellerative traction, even on cars that are using them correctly.

And you come back at me with this? Tying into your "why so mean" thread, this is one of the reasons. I answered you calmly, correcting mildly a misconception, and you go off on me. I should be vastly more mean to you than I have been...

As for the other comment about "blowing my mind, " I doubt it. I've built more showcars than you EVER will, and been involved with quite a few custom shows in the last few decades. Cramming $100k worth of questionable taste into a Civic wont' "blow my mind" A kid building a '32 Ford Woody in his garage with his dad, on a normal budget but with the detailing of a Boyd Coddington or Chip Foose, now THAT might blow my mind.

posted by  ChrisV

There's a reason that the Sports Car Club of America is not called a "team." 800 members isn't a team, for sure, it's a club.

posted by  ChrisV

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posted by  Aondor

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