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i got an SUV for my birthday (4runner) and its ok, but i was really hopin for more of a sporty car...
i tried some of the main car quote websites, but they were all pretty hard to use, so i guess does anyone know of any good car websites that are easy to compare different cars (my main obstacle right now is price :D , since i only have a small part time job)

posted by  piratef7

If I gave my kid a car for his birthday (not a chance in hell) and the first thing he wanted to do with it is trade it off I'd make damn sure he appreciated it. When I booted his ass out of the house at least he'd have a place to live.

Now to try to answer your question. What exactly are you comparing, just price? Type of car? Your best bet is probably

posted by  vwhobo

haha, yeh well i didnt just get just get it (last sept.), but me and my dad have been talking about trading it in, so i was just doing some research.

anyways i know this sounds retarded, but i just want my car to look fast mainly (been watchin too many car movies), but still not cost too much. ill probably end up just getting some asian import, and try some modifications once i learn more.

thanks for the info though, that site works pretty well. ill probably be askin some more questions once i find a few that i like (and can afford) :D

posted by  piratef7

Well, what is your price-range? I can tell you that you could probably pick up a fox-body stang for the price of an Asian import and be relatively fast. The insurance will be a little higher, but it will be much cheaper to modify. Of course, the looks of the Fox-Body Mustangs aren't for everybody, and if your set on an import, then by all means disregard this post.

posted by  Widowmaker2k

It sounds like for what you want you're right on track. You can get a mid '90's Japanese car for cheap and rice it up a little. Good luck.

posted by  vwhobo

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