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hey, for all you people that think that right and wrong is based on ones opinion you must believe that there is no universal, set in stone truth. well isnt saying that there is no universal truth in fact a statement of universal truth???? chew on that one.

by the way i can vote and will and i say
GO BUSH!!!!!

posted by  farmboy

You see, there are things we can agree on. :thumbs:

posted by  vwhobo

if you are a Bush supporter then yes there certainly are many things that we can agree on.

posted by  farmboy

Why? .

posted by  JaneiR36

simple. most people would agree that its wrong to kill. but if truth, morals, values..ect are based on ones opinion then i might say that its ok for me to kill your parents because for whatever reason its my opinion that they need to die. now would you agree that its ok for me to kill your parents? hopefully not! so its obvious that truth, right and wrong go far far beyond what one person of even many people feel on a issue. another example is that there are many people out there that feel that once a person reaches a certain age they are no longer useful so they should be "disposed" of. there are thousands, maybe even millions of people in the world that bellieve that this is ok. but no matter how many people believe its ok its still murder and murder is wrong. right and wrong come from a source far beyond our comprehension.

posted by  farmboy

There are a few people on this forum, that this would apply.

VOTE BUSH !!!!!!!!

posted by  lectroid

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