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Which gaming console do you guys prefer? I like the Xbox but the PS2 has better games I don't know but tell me what you think?

posted by  chichi

I to agree that the PS2 has the better games but I am going to go with the Xbox,only because of the fact that you dont have to use a memory stick

posted by  archangle

Meh, I like my PS2 more than any other game system out right now. However, I have yet to play an Xbox, so my opinion is kind of one-sided right now anyways....

posted by  Satty101

having all 3 of the latest populaur consoles the x-box the game cube and the PS2.. i can say that

3rd goes to the game cube there still bassed to much on cartoony graphics ... nerrrrr :sleep:

2nd goes to x-box whilst have 50,000+ free blocks of internal memory it just doesnt have enough intresting games to be able to take that much...

1st PS2 has to be the daddy.. its got the games and the graphics does it for me and its the only console i brought with me to university even though i never really play it anymore... :thumbs:

posted by  Lukaz

The fact that PS2 has GTA 3,Vice City, and soon to be 5 San Andreas, Final Fantasy Online, and GT3 A- Spec(soon to be 4). The 3 greatest action, RPG, and racing games in the market with online capability makes PS2 the better candidate.

Although X-Box has Halo 1 and 2, it just does'nt have enough gaming choice to overpower PS2, and practicly every other game I have'nt mention have double if not triple gaming console compatability like NFS Underground, Gotham Project, Madden 05` etc...

Both system have practicly the same options, and there are Linux OS kits available for PS2, so using the X-Box storage device as a crutch will not work. They both have online compatability, but the PS2 just has more top market games. So its goes to PS2, handsdown.

posted by  DSMer

PS2 simple because it has GT3. :mrgreen:

posted by  GreekWarrior

I'm an Xbox fan, even though i own a PS2, i play Xbox at friends houses and like it a lot. I just don't think there are enough multiplayer games for PS2, so i prefer Xbox, although PS2 does have Gran Turismo. It's a great, addicting game, but there would be SO much I would change about it.

1.) The cars: it needs a bigger variety of cars. Perhaps more American cars or European cars than 15 different types of Evo's and Skylines. And more every day driver cars, not super-fast versions of a Mustang. Also, i've noticed more than half of the cars are NOT sold in America, so you're like, "what the hell is a Mazda Demio???")
2.)There should be a few more city-oriented tracks.
3.) the modifications are too vague. They should introduce brand-names for the parts and drawbacks to buying certain parts. (it's too easy to make the perfect modified car.)
4.) You should be able to put on bodykits, spoilers, etc, although there is a great wheel selection
5.) The Ability To Change Your Paint Job AFTER You Buy The Car!!! It annoys me SO much!
6.) Lastly, i'd like to see more race modes. Maybe an elimination race or pursuit mode, something different and exciting.

Well, thats what i think about GT3. Hopefully, Gran Turismo 4 will be better...

posted by  moostang104314

the PS2 only has better games and a much larger variety, but still, the xbox is a much better machine. way better graphics and performance hands down. more economical too due to its built in hard drive and dsl/cable modem adaptability. other than that, its dvd player function is MUCH better than that of the ps2's.

posted by  Inygknok

I really like the PS2 because of the controller. Xbox is great, and all, but I hate there controller. Straight outta' dreambox!

posted by  L2006

I gotta go with wat I have... a PS2 pals! I have over 30 games, most racing, and I must say that it is the most versitile system I can find. The XBOX's graphics are head-and-shoulders over the PS2's but the PS2 has waaaay more titles on it than the XBOX, and is much smaller with the new PS2 slim. I do dislike having to go to my friend's house to play Halo and Halo 2 tho... :banghead:

PS2! :thumbs:

posted by  StiMan

ps2 slim all the way....good for gove-compartment inatalls+ wiresless controllers are pimpin....

posted by  99hatch

xbox for me man better graphics card and more internal memory, i love how you can put cd on the thing and you HAVE to love halo its the best multiplayer game out there.

posted by  talongod33

- Better controller
- Better games

- Better Graphics
- Quicker Loading
- Internal Saving besides Memory Stick

They are both really good. Thats why I use them both.

posted by  Black Hatch

Hmmm... An age old argument, but I have to go with PS2

Why? Because it has the multimedia. The only truly good game xbox has is Halo, and that's available for computer. (All FPS belong with a mouse). So, PS2, unless someone can convince me otherwise.

posted by  Godlaus

x-box all the way, halo and halo 2 are insane, and getting to make fun of the people you kill while you play them online, increases the fun exponentially, and fable on x-box one o fhte best rpg games i've played

posted by  busted shoulder

PS2 4 sure i got both consoles and the PS2 has better games and graphics.....and plus it has GT4!

posted by  Xploder87

PS2...better games and w/the new slim dont have to set aside an acre of space for the XCrate (man that sucker is huge!!!)

I admit the Xbox has slightly better graphics and it has Halo which is cool...but nothing that would make me leave PS2 w/GT3 GT4

posted by  NISSANSPDR

That pretty much sums up the entire arguement...hats off to you. :mrgreen:

posted by  PeteBobJoe

GT4...yeah yeah. You are correct there.

But otherwise, I am a big fan of Xbox. The short list:

Better Graphics (generally)
Better Load Times
Better Online Play (though you have to pay)
Game selection (I am a big FPS fan)
Better Controller (PS2 is very squished and not as comfortable to use both triggers)

Just one mans opinion.

posted by  boothe

PS2 for the simple fact that it has better games ( GT4 ).

posted by  jdubya

Yea...that's another thing I forgot...Xbox gotta pay for that...that really sucks especially since they dont connect's just so you can play you gotta connect thru ur broadband them...and pay Xbox...that doubly sucks.

PS2 online games are...................................FREE. :thumbs:

posted by  NISSANSPDR

Not true. Some of them are, but not all of them. XBOX has a much better online plan, pay 7 bucks a month and play all you want, all with broadband (no lag) connections. PS2 you can play most games online (with both 56k (lag) and broadband connections), but when it comes down to a game like Final Fantasy XI, you have to pay 10bucks a month for a single game, I stand by XBOX's plan, though I'm still too cheap/can't be bothered to get it all set-up.

As for which is better, I find myself playing XBOX more. I simply love Project Gotham Racing 2, gameplay is every bit as good as GT3 (haven't played 4) but, you can't tune the cars at all, so it's close between GT3 and Project Gotham Racing 2 for me. I also like the games more, and the controller I find more comfortable, the fact that you have basically un-limited save space, and are able to play your songs in the background during the game instead of the poke rap or whatever they have playing is a plus too (and the ease of modding it :wink2: )

Psst, for PS2 owners, there's a new way of modding your PS2 without opening it up, voiding warranty and you can't damage the system, and get much faster load times. They have hard-drives available now (as far as I know you can just use any hard-drive on them, I put one of mine from my computer in the PS2 and it fit, never booted the system though, just wanted to check if they were the same) and a program that allows you to boot games from the hard-drive/copy games to the hard-drive (or you can hook it up to your PC and transfer all your perfectly legal games to it). I'm going to order mine probably by the end of this week. They're called HD Advance and HDLoader for anyone interested, you can get them with a 120GB hard drive for about $120. :)

posted by  88GrandPrixSE

Woah. Thats intense.

A lot of PS2 games aren't even made for online play. But yes, you do have to pay for Xbox, but theya re sneaky enough toc harge youw ithout you even realising so I don't even feel like I am giving them more money... :banghead:

Ohh..and PS2's might be pulled off the shelf soon:

No More Rumble (

posted by  boothe

Bah, they'll never pull it, Sony will win it. They have too much money to be brought down by a petty company like that.

posted by  88GrandPrixSE

Umm, they already lost. They are appealing it which is coming from behind.

But in the end I agree. They won't actually take it down. What can I say, I am a sensationalist. Still the threat is pretty crazy.

posted by  boothe

Haha, even if they lose the appeal they won't withdraw it, they'll just accept the fines.

posted by  88GrandPrixSE


I think Sony would sell the exclusive rights to GT4 before pulling off shelves... :laughing:

posted by  boothe

Hi, i know you people like X-crap, i mean X-box alot but you gotta face the facts ps2 is jus better. I admitt X-crap, i mean X-box graphics are better but the thing is you can't really tell the diff by the graphics of PS2.
Ps2 has WAY more games and the new slim design is pimpin' (which i have by the way).

posted by  ps2guy121

Hi, I'm am a big fan of the PS2, i own the new slim design ps2, its awesome.
Well anyway xbox has slightly better graphicsand you can't tell the diff between the graphics of it and ps2.
And better load times? Che......... YA RIGHT
better online play my *ss. ps2 is free! and more fun!
ps2 controller is ten times better, it's more orginized, easier to reach and a hell lot better looking. not to mention awfully comfortable!

posted by  ps2guy121

Thanks for the scholarly insight (damn idiot) I mean fine young man (imbecile, thanks for the repost)

posted by  Voda48

the only reason why i would by xbox is for halo...

posted by  Mrixon

Halo is a justifiable reason... :clap:

j/k It has a lot of games. I just feel when I play a game that is multiplatform I would prefer it on the Xbox. Take burnout-3... load times and graphics are better on X-box IMO. There aren't enough PS2 games that get me going. I am a big FPS guy.

And lookie, this week Doom III comes exclusively to the Xbox! :thumbs:

posted by  boothe

I think, ur a fag for likeing X-crap!

posted by  ps2guy121

Young man ya right. i bet im older then ur mothers wife. face the facts ps2 is better.

PS:ur web page stunk, motha *ucker :fu:

posted by  ps2guy121

Damn right!

posted by  ps2guy121

its not like i hate X-crap, i mean X-box its jus i hate it when people say its da best :orglaugh:

posted by  ps2guy121

Okay, I'm all for PS2, but what the hell do ya think your doing? Have you ever heard of an opinion??? Do you have any hard evidence that supports that one game system is better than another??? No, so you can only state that one is superior to another out of experience and opinion. Some opinions we don't need to hear, such as the opinion you made about Voda's website. You may not like it, but that is one example of something you don't need to shout out. So before you start shutting down other people's opinions, stop and think who can make a better website than you... That's right, Voda!

posted by  moostang104314

1) PS2 :thumbs:
Game Variety
Free Online Play (for almost every game)
Sony quality :hi:

2) GameCube
Lots of Cell Shading (good to some bad to others)
By far the nicest controller
Classic games
No Online Play!!! (>.<)

3) Xbox
Havn't played much... but I can say a bit
Uncomfortable controller. (Even having big hands it feels too bulky)
Halo (2)! Awesome game... duh
Must pay for Xbox Live (and I'm cheap)
Not many other great games

BTW, I own a PS2, brother has a GameCube, and friends got a Xbox... so maybe I'm a bit biased. :ohcrap:

posted by  ToCkS

I myself would have to say PS2 more or less so cause i own one and have never played GameCube and have rarely played an Xbox. There really isnt a way to say which is better, you can only go by your opinion. I think PS2 does have a better variety in games but Xbox isnt TOO far behind (thats just my opinion). I myself think the GameCube seems more aimed at the younger people or the anime group. One question though, since Playstation is coming out with a PS3 then what are the other gaming companies (ie. Nitendo, Xbox, etc.) planning on bringing out to give the PS3 competition?

posted by  car_crazy89

Oh and one question, how is the Online play for PS2 free? I thought you had to pay a monthly fee to use it. Is all you need is the Online pack in order to get it? Sorry for the question, just wondering. Thanx.

posted by  car_crazy89

MOst games are free online with PS2 though some you have to pay for like that MMORPG, Everquest or something? Most of them are free though.

posted by  boothe

Thanx 4 the lecture.
I don wanna swear so i won't. I'm not in a fricken good mood today so don't piss me off.

Complementing Voda..... CHE what a tard!
Who is she? ur mom????

Who r u? tell me ur name.
If by some chance you live in my area then we'll fight like men. (That is is you are one).

posted by  ps2guy121

MY friend has three of the consoles GameCube, xbox and ps2. I would never get game cube .games on game cube are too unrealistic , xbox has few nice games and great grafics. Ps2 has the most realistic games but sometimes the grafics is't so good. I think I would go with xbox

posted by  mumin

Xbox has all the games you need and is faster. it also has a decent on line system. no competition!

posted by  hajamie

I'm sorry you're not in a good mood, but why take it out on the innocent people on these forums? Why take your anger out on anyone??? And no, Voda is NOT my mom, you just need to show a little more respect to everyone, especially someone who has been here much longer than you have.

By the way, a real man wouldn't get upset over an issue as stupid as this one. So next time you try to pick a fight with me, BE a man and stop your whining because it isn't going your way.

posted by  moostang104314

I could see me buying the GameCube only if I was younger becuase its well known nintendo makes the coolest games for younger folks, ie: Zelda and Mario series (especially Mario tennis, that game is great).

posted by  boothe

hahahahahahahaha :clap:
nice yo, but i could brobably kick ur ass. And im a newbie here cause unlike you im into sports, u on the other hand probably jus some fat ass who sit on the comp all day.
and u know where i get that prediction from cause ur on every single fricken thread!
oh and by the way i could probably scare you off by frowning. :evil:

posted by  ps2guy121

rofl.. so in conclusion it is either xbox or ps2 buhaha

posted by  mumin

Xbox does NOT have all the games I need...Gran Turismo 4 is one glaring loss, GTA series, the Tenchu series, Castlevania LOI and others

posted by  NISSANSPDR

It is really sad you are turning this into a competition. I don't give a shit about what you think, you're just annoying the hell out of me. And no I'm not a fat ass who sits on the computer all day. The fact that I post a lot is becasue I actually enjoy talking about cars, not wasting my time fighting with people about video game systems. In fact I'm very athletic, not in any way overweight or obese, and love to play all sports a lot. I just find half an hour out of my day to talk about what I really enjoy: cars. This fighting is not neccessary, but you keep on the offense, so I fight back. The fact that we are still arguing is foolish and immature on both our parts, so let's stop the fighting and start talking about Xbox and PS2.

posted by  moostang104314

Just curious... how much do you actually like the GTA series. Specifically the last one? It just got too violent for me in a bad way. I don't put much to the violence in video games causing real world violence. Just that it was over the top brealistic bloddiness.

posted by  boothe

"Originally Posted by ps2guy121
nice yo, but i could brobably kick ur ass. And im a newbie here cause unlike you im into sports, u on the other hand probably jus some fat ass who sit on the comp all day.
and u know where i get that prediction from cause ur on every single fricken thread!
oh and by the way i could probably scare you off by frowning."

Yeah, because none of us on this forum are into sports... maybe you have one too many of your 14 year old pimples to pop.


i would have to say from a consumer's standpoint the biggest bang for your buck is the x-box. it's hardware and features far outnumber ps2's or game cube's. i think it runs around 800mhz. gamecubes ati graphics simply do not cut it. lets compare a practical game like phantasy star online...

in game cube, with four players, it runs choppy. cast any spells and it completely lags out, to the point where you can't even play it. i've played it on xbox and it runs perfect.

xbox also has ~10 gb of hard drive space, to ps2's and gamecubes 16 meg memory cards.

posted by  carls47807

Thanx a lot! This fighting is getting really old...

posted by  moostang104314

a quote from you
"but you keep on the offense, so I fight back"

posted by  carls47807

Oh man, ya got me there. I don't know what I was talking about. Anyway, I haven't heard from PS2guy in a few days. Maybe he left for good! :clap:

posted by  moostang104314

Well now that i think of everything you told me i think that ur right. (well kind of....)
see, you were right about respecting someones opinion. :laughing: so I guess I will take ur word. And I wont fight you anymore. (maybe)

well as you were saying lets talk about ps2 and xbox. As much i would hate to say it after all this time. Xbox isn't all that bad in fact its awesome!

But the thing ig ps2 is better!

posted by  ps2guy121

PS2 all the way :clap:

posted by  hhsrastler92

Xbox 360 on what May 14th on MTV? Can't wait to see what Gates has up his sleeve now. Today he came out and was saying he thinks they will take spot #1 in the gaming console wars.

posted by  boothe

doubt it. Im sticking with Sony, thanks to Gran Turizmo series. Has me hooked.

posted by  Satty101

Im going with X-Box. But Im a Gamecube guy :smoke: Gotta respect Nintendo. Plus the Resident Evil games are just kickass.

posted by  FordFromHell351

Yeah I understand that aroudn these parts. I just wonder in the bigger world. I read gamespot everyday and a significant number of developers are switching or signing with Microsoft exclusively... might be a good fight.

posted by  boothe

:rock: :pop: :stupid: xbox all the way

posted by

umm... whats with the name?

posted by  boothe

its the onley thing i could think of
:banghead: :asshake:

posted by

posted by

I may have missed it but is there a reason for the link?

posted by  car_crazy89

I've played XBOX and PS2, what it comes down to is: PS2 has more games, where XBOX has better graphics, better Online Mode, alot more memory, and I'm not sure if you can do this with PS2, but with XBOX you can use it as a Linux Computer, but I can't really do it because I understood that they will block you off from XBOX Live.

posted by  chris_knows

Hey i don mean to mess up this thread or anything but since its already on the topic of ps2 and xbox, i thought why not raise things up a notch.
So lets do this:

the battle is on when PS3 VS XBOX360

GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :rock: :driving:

posted by  ps2guy121

hmmm... ok.

Xbox360 being showed off tonight at 9:30ET on MTV. Just a heads up. Elijah Wood 30 min special. We'll see after that. Need to get some Xbox 360 pics up here.

posted by  boothe

try this link

posted by

xbox is better it has better graphics than ps2 + better games like FORZA, HALO 2 and others.......!!!!!!

posted by

I personally own an Xbox and like it much better than PS2s. The only games I ever really play are Halo 2 and multi-platform games ( mostly NFSU 2 ). So the amount of games doesn't really bother me. I love the internal hard drive. My friend and I were gonna watch a movie on his PS2 and it had a disc read error, we retried, cleaned the disc many times and it still didn't work. We stuck it in my Xbox and it worked completely normal. I definitely love Xbox Live better than Playstation Online even considering Live cost money. The graphics are better and better loading times. As for the controller issue, I like the Xbox's controller better just because I am used to it. If you used either of them for a while you'd get used to it. It's just a matter of time.

By the way most of you hopefully know this already but at 9:30 (easter time) tonight May 12, MTV is unveiling the the next Xbox. I heard a rumor on an Xbox forum that the next Xbox will come out to the general public at the same time Halo 3 (or 2s sequel) comes out. Febuary of 06 hopefully or 07. The rumor is that the reason Halo 2 took so long to make was that they were developing 2 and 3 at the same time. Oh well, its just a rumor.

posted by  Accord_Man

Does anybody know if they are going to unveil it on any Canadian Cable channel? I had satellite but they zapped all the cards, anybody know when they will be fixing them?

posted by  chris_knows

xbox is better hands down but ps2 has alot better games

posted by  fordmustang90

finally i hear people have the same opinion as mine....go0d job godlaus!

most xbox games...pc have it! so stick with pc if u wanna play FPS kind of game or go with ps2 if u like to play RPG,racing,fighting ect...

microsoft is a software guys and they should act like one.

ps. i am a full time xbox hater

posted by  BigBadBrat

...........ps3 have the most power this time and will squash xbox 360 for go0d!!!

N revolution lo0ks nice with da neon blue light. it seems that nintendo doesnt compete with anyone....its a stand alone console. it is its own style. nintendo to me is neutral....but the resident evil 4 doesnt lo0k like a nintendo game at all!!! more like a ps2 game very impressive!

posted by  BigBadBrat

xbox 360 will kick A$$

posted by

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