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Whats all this hype about lexus! It is now same money as Merc!

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posted by  koki

lexus=extremely good car

haha, yeah, lexus has gotten pretty expensive

posted by  mazda6man

Lexus is a good car company, but to me, their cars are boring. Driving one is uninspiring. No character. No fun at all.
Too much Toyota has been put into the Lexus. They may be a good thing for some people, but not for me.

posted by  What

I read somewhere Lexus has the best quality/reliability out of all car manufacturers, followed by Infiniti. Plus, I assume the parts for a Lexus cost far less than parts for a Mercedes or BMW, but i'm just guessing thats another reason Lexus is so greatly admired.

posted by  moostang104314

boring. Driving one is uninspiring. No character


Have you drive a sc430?

posted by  mik00725

I agree with MUCH of what has been said here.

Here are some "facts."

The reason why Lexus seems boring to you guys is because you are not their target audience. Lexus targets the middle age upper middle - upper classes...ish. Lexus is a conservative manufacture.

As auto enthusiasts, I'm sure we can recognize a good product, but not necessarily jump all over the conservative cars. But here is something interesting...

I hang around the forum a lot, so lots of Lexus info go through there. (Some of this is off the top of my head.)

Lexus is rated number 1 in reliability and quality by JD Powers and Associates. Lexus has the largest returning buyer percentage than all other manufactureres. Lexus almost always trails behind in terms of horsepower compared to their competition. The reason why Lexus is so successful is not because of horsepower or styling. Lexus is successful because they market themselves well to the former baby boomers. How they do it, I don't know, but I've read it in articles.

As for the Lexus model lineup, I agree that all the cars are pretty uninspired other than the IS300 - which is why I own one. In stock form, once again, it is a conservative car. It has soft suspension and a weak engine - BUT, it has a lot of potential, as the engine is the I-6 derived from the Supra. (The people on say the IS is a fun car to drive, but it's an IS300 forum so take it for what it's worth. I can't verify because it's my first car, but it is mroe fun that my parents' Jeep and minivan. :orglaugh: )

But here's some info for the future. I read in an article about how Lexus plans on dramatically changing its image in the future (like 2-3 years). They promise to update the styling and "never be beaten by horsepower again." The quoted part was paraphrased from a Lexus executive.

A glimpse of it will be the LF-C, LF-S, and LF-X concepts. So far, I've seen the new GS design and it does look better than the current GS model. The current IS has I-6 215 hp RWD sedan, but rumors are going around the forum that the new version will be available in several options, including V-8, AWD, coupe and convertible. Exacts are still unsure, but there is some justification of these speculations from past Lexus announcements.

Regardless, the point is that Lexus is a good car company and they are looking to get you to buy their cars in a couple of years!

posted by  MaChao

hey i am thinking about buying a Lexus for this summer off 2013 i wanna get like a 2010 Lexus is 250 but i really need to know if these cars are great, do parts go on these cars offten like the mazda 6 i had i had to buy coils alot i really want a car that will last for a while and has a good warranty

markieme   21 Jan 2013 14:42

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