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I have a long time to decide, but it's bugging me now and I would like some opinions.

I'm studying engineering in school right now and my major is General Engineering (GE). For GE, I am allowed a "Secondary Field of Concentration." This is because GE is a "little bit of everything" in engineering (such as CAD, manufacturing, projects, etc.).

The SFC allows me to get a better grasp on anything of my own choosing - literally. Even though I'm in engineering, I can choose a non-engineering SFC such as English, Pre-Med, Law, or even Theater. All I need is a petition.

Regardless, I want my SFC to be something in the mechanical engineering field and out of the "pre-approved" list, my top 2 are automotive engineering and robotics. This is where my dilemma lies.

I used to want to do programming. I thought my mind was really made up. Then I got into cars. This scares me because I don't know if my interest in cars is just a passing fad...and choosing my destiny based on a passing fad is not that great an idea.

Second, I don't know if automotive engineering is gonna make me money! I know money isn't the most important thing, but it's still pretty important! Is there much on the "automotive frontier" so to speak. I know there's the fuel cell, hybrid, hydrogen energy stuff, but I still need some sort of reassurance.

And as for robotics, I think that could be really useful in developing new machines for the future of all kinds of applications - not just driving around.

Anyways, there really is no hurry to decide until my sophomore year, but I figure I should put this out now and gauge your thoughts now. Thanks.

posted by  MaChao

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