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All Asians are either really smart or Know some sort of Kung Fu and star in hit action movies like Cradle to the Grave and Rush Hour in which they kick white bread ass throughout the whole movie. Those smart Asians grow up trying to fit in but instead annoying the hell outta the klick there trying to join by repeating the only exciting moment in their life of the week over and over again and also trying to but into every conversation with something they think pertains to the subject at hand but really don’t know what there talking about, but its ok considering there going to grow up to become the head of some major system or foreign car company with white bread hicks doing the dirty work in the factories while his Asian companions are sitting there skinny asses at computers in air conditioned offices making 200k a year for typing a couple words every once and a while.

Lets go down a step on the smarts chain to the Whites who come in a rainbow of categories. Whites fall under: white bred hicks
White trash
Inbred white trash hicks
The English
Working class
And Ghetto.

Lets start with white bread hicks, who are basically the southern wheat farmers who aint to bright and speak with a aksent.
The white trash are the honkies who live in the one junky house in the suburbs with at least one overturned rusty car and a lawnmower in their front yard and a dump in the back, also speaking with an aksent of an uneducated rooster.
The inbred white trash hicks are a n abomination of nature, living out in the country, breading with their brother and or sister accidentally producing offspring of the retarded nature. Usually have some rusty old farm equipment on their front lawn and a grain bin pool out back
The English, my favorite. The English are passive aggressive, live in townhouses, somehow producing a lot of cash while working seemingly bad jobs, never committing a crime any worse then a drive by slapping or theft of a sugar packet from the cheese cake factory. Bush lovers
Canadians are gay.
The working class work hard for a living making 50-75k a year. Usually part of a union and go on strike at least once every five or so years.. Want to kill That bastard Bush
Cheep asses who wouldn’t spend a dime on something they did not need if there life depended on it, the Catholic way of life is starting to die out considering they are all above 70. Avid Bush haters, lets get their votes in before they turn to dust.
And Ghetto. The Ghetto whites love Eminem, live in the ghettos, speak smack, wear their pant’s waist down under their ass and like big butts. Usually hate bush. Vanilla ice did not sample Queen even though they sound exactly alike.

Im tired of typing right now so I will continue my article at a later date

Up and coming topics: Jews, Indians (the kind with the dot on their head), African Americans, and more!

posted by  Magicbirdman


One word: Stereotypical

posted by  XujinkoSky

Uhm, wtf? :screwy:

posted by  Satty101

what, in a positive manner, was the point of the thread exactly?

posted by  mazda6man

I can't wait!

Being Asian, I don't know if I should be offended or flattered. :laughing:

But still....double u-t-f?!

posted by  MaChao

ooh, i was specifically mentioned!!

but to add...what the hell is your point in this? to piss us off?

posted by  SuperJew

What? Who knows. This worthless thread should be closed.

posted by  DodgeRida67

Racist Remarks, i forget thee

Response? None needed, youv'e covered it ALL. Racist Remarks, i forgive thee,dummy. :screwy:

posted by  lectroid

aksent??? aksent? what the heck is aksent. oh, wait! you must mean accent. looks to me like there is a surplus of people who "aint too bright".

there are about 1 billion catholics in the world, that is a little less then 1/6 of the worlds entire population! you would be pretty stupid to assume that of those one billion catholics most of them are over 70 years of age! :banghead: by the way i am not catholic but i dont need to be to recongnise ignorance.

it seems to me that you believe that the majority of the population of america hates bush, wants him dead or really dosent like him. if you check the polls you will see that bush has been leading over kerry in almost all of them. even the normally truth distorting liberal networks will show you this.

once you give your poor little fingers a rest you might want to think through your incohearant ramblings before you post them here.

posted by  farmboy

After reading magicbirdman's post for the second time, I feel it is unfair for only the members on this forum to be the onlyones to have a laugh. SO, I sent a copy to the US SECRET SERVICE, public affairs division. Lets see if they get a laugh. :laughing: As the Hobo says= think,type,submit. Goodluck :laughing:

posted by  lectroid

:hi: :thumbs:

posted by  DodgeRida67

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