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to any one that want to be an i car movie. I'm trying to make a movie on some of the cars in the tri-state. this movie is going to start when it can. i'v already got a clip of a 300zx doing 5 donuts but i want to do more on more cars of brune outs, donuts,races (would like to do some in car taping), and what ever other cool shit that could be going on with the cars, i want to do some lil interviwes with car owns and so on. there only one thing its all for free you won't get an money off of it. no matter if it makes it some where or out you wouldn't get anything from it besides maybe the fame of your car. sorry i don't even have money to give out. well hope you want to do something in this project well peace out -jose barrera- ohio, indiana, kentucky).

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Dude, maybe you should rename it Free Advertising Forums.

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