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So, you think your day was bad??? Today I might have you beat. No I didn''t winb the lottery and find out the ticket was a fraud. Nor did I find out I have some serious illness. I just had a bad day plain and simple.

So, as a ex-celloege student working to gain residency in Iowa so I can afford Dental School, I now work two jobs. Today is my 4 year anniversry (Hey Kay) and I had to work all day tofay. So I pull a 7 hour shift selling computers at Best Buy, I then proceed to my second job, waiting tableat the Olive Garden. Now this second job isn't bad at all. On a good night I can make bank, however tonight was dead.

So it has bee a long day and to top it off, I am suppose to be driving home tonight to Madison (3 hour drive) so that I can be there tomorrow for my Dad's 50th Birthday. Well I get this table of 5 University profs and then start ordering up a storm. Long story short, they ordered $128.05 worht of food. I thought for sure this would yet end up to be an Ok night for me. I mean I am looking at at least a $12 tip right??

So I drop off the bill, the whole evening they were very pleasent, I was taking pictures for them, they were joking around with me, hell the one lady (from Russia) asked if I would be her 3rd son. They made a point of getting my manger and praising me. I mean I thought I was going to do pretty good here. Well I grabbed the check 5 min. after he had signed it. The rest is history and it is enough to send me into a rage. (I think it is a combo of things, but this set it off.)

Yes that is right......... $128.05 and they left me $2.95........ That works out to 2.3%

When I saw it right away, I was speechless. I thought surely there must be money on the table, so I preceeded to attend to some other matters I had to take care of before I left the resturant and drove home to Madison. I also didn't want to see these people at the time. Well they stuck around for an extra 45 min showing pictures..... in the meantime I don't get to leave yet becoause I have to close up their table. So they finally leave after I show my co-workers this piece of shit tip. Most of they (some girls in perticualiar go and give off some pissed as hell looks) I check the table, oh no money.... Well that is ****ing fantastic..... those ex-soviet ****ers crash on their way home.

Then I exam the check again, they left both copies of the reciept as well as forget to sign the copy. I look at what they left and that little evil side to me is telling me to **** these people over, run up the tip, they will never know. I have both copies. To my disapointment I couldn't, I guess fraud isn't in me.

So besides braeking almost every law on my way back to my house in Iowa City, I have decided to not drive home, I don't think it would be that great of an idea. I have managed to cool off substantialy, but I am still pissed as hell. I just hope they come to eat there again.......

posted by  Voda48

People never cease to disgust me. I mean, they above all should know how badly you college-age people need the money, but instead, they do nothing to help you out. It's like at work. One of my managers in particular, Rene, this big bull-dyke, can be one hell of a bitch. One time, I was cleaning the grill, and the phone started ringing.She was sitting at the desk and wouldn't answer it. After about four rings she was like, "GET THAT, WILL YOU?!" (This spurs a huge quandary in my mind- if I don't finish cleaning the grill it'll all burn on and I'll have to spend 30 minutes scraping the shit off, but if I don't answer the phone, then Rene will hate me forever (more than she does already, that is). So I run to answer the phone, and this woman starts hysterically yelling at me about how she didn't get all of her food. Rene proceeds to ask, "WHAT DID YOU ALL DO WRONG
THIS TIME? " And I was so pleased to be able to say that I did nothing wrong- the runners for the the drive-thru window had failed to put a fish sandwich in the bag. She looks over, and there the sandwich sits in the warming bin. She takes the phone, offers them their money back, goes up front, yells at everyone on front line for it (even though one of them had been on break at the time that the sandwich was forgotten), and then comes back and yells at me because I should be double-checking their work. I was uber-pissed. All I said was, "Hey. I make the food. I put it in the bin, and that's where my job ends, and I don't have to do their job for them." Grr. I realize this story is menial compared to your extreme cop-out tip, but sometimes I wonder if people really even think through what they are doing, and if they do, I suppose they just are so rude not to consider circumstances.

posted by  Patrick

I feel for ya! What most people dont realize is that servers have to pay taxes according to your sales. Feds say 10% of sales is what you have to claim in tips. Been there, done that! So what gets servers so angry is that he just had to pay taxes on that other $10.00! I have actually gone out in the parking lot after people to tell them "They forgot their change, because they must obviously need it more than me." Next time they come in mess thier order up and make them wait 30 min or more for their food!

posted by  ciccmga

Sorry Gregg! I hope you have a better day today!

posted by  StiMan


posted by  What

What, That was rude. He had a bad day. And I'm a server I know what it's like to get those bitchy people whom shouldn't be eating out if they are going to be that way. It sucks and you live off tips at those jobs. Litterally you back like $2 or $3 an hour and then make tips. Maybe you should talk about something you know about before you make a smart ass coment.

posted by  chrissy04

You are a stupid person... Why the hell do you feel that you have to be mean around here? You are mean and then act as if you are being dealt with unfairly...

posted by  StiMan


posted by  SuperJew

What I do? :ohcrap:

posted by  StiMan

I can understand why you are SOOOO PISSED. Your honesty and integrity will pay you back three fold. Your a good man for not ripping these assholes off. :thumbs:

posted by  lectroid

you didnt do anything, I just agreed with you and there isnt anything else to signify that that i wanted to use. :thumbs:

posted by  SuperJew


posted by  lectroid

O... ok then! I thought it was a detuned pimp slap pointed at me... nevermind then!

posted by  StiMan

Awwwww....I'm so sorry. I hate when people don't leave good enough tips!!! You guys work so hard that you deserve a good enough tip!!!!

posted by  turbochic

I adjusted my post. Why the hell do you feel that you have to respond to an adjusted post?

Voda, I'm sorry.

posted by  What

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