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porn star guru

its a pretty cool game u buy porn stars and porn related items and star porn businesses to work ur way to the top...

posted by  speedy266

lol i dont get this game.
im guessing its boring? man get some better games.

posted by  chichi

you gotta make money and there are variety of ways to do it mostly based on porn stuff.

The main way is to get people to come to ur link u learn as u play...

posted by  speedy266

I can't wait to play! It looks like one deplorable yawn after another! Please. This game is crass, rude, and looks like a total sedative. Please. Overhaul your taste and then come talk.

posted by  Patrick

nice jolie pic;) :thumbs:

posted by  speedy266

i remember this kind of thing...

thats SO 9th grade. :banghead:

posted by  SuperJew

I get that a lot here, for some reason. Just to let you know I border on obsession with Angelina Jolie. I believe that she is the hottest woman alive, and my room is covered with pictures of her. In fact, for Christmas I'm getting a stand-up Angelina Jolie poster, and I can't wait. It'll make me happy ... :hi: if not a little excited... :oops:

posted by  Patrick

Me to man, I really noticed her in Gone in 60 seconds since than shes been at the top of my list, shes been given the title the sexyiest women on earth.

posted by  speedy266

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