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Just when you thought newbies couldn't get any worse, a new one arrives. Me. What makes it so bad? I barely know anything about cars (thus the reason for registering for this forum). Before you ask, no i don't have a car. Why? Cuz i don't even have a liscence. again, why? Becuase i'm not even of age then. Now you must be thinking "wtf is this kids problem? He can't even drive yet so whats the point of him being in this forum?"

Like i said, i wanted to learn more about cars and i figured i could pick some stuff up around here. I'll just be lurking around and asking questions when need be.

So... just wanted to say hi.


posted by  The Menace

hi The Menace
welcome abroad!

posted by  Unfedfat

Hey, worry not, bud... I'm 19, WITH a permit, and WITH a car and I still don't know that much. I can change a tire, check fluids, flush a radiator, change oil.... and I think that's about the extent of it! So, yea! I'm here to pick up some things to. Feel better? ^_^

posted by  XdaytonaX

Hey Menace...Don't worry I was into cars when I was a little girl, and obviously I didn't have my license then. It's good to learn about cars before you get your license so more power to you :D

posted by  JettaChiC20

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