1993 Ford Escort Heater Core Replacement

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We need advice.
My husband has tried everything to get the dash off this Ford Escort so he can replace the heater core.
Has anyone ever done this and how do you get it of?
Thanks for any help.
Muriel Davis]

posted by  Muriel E. Davis

I've never had to take off an entire dash just to replace a heater core and I've replaced a good number of them. I'm not sure about your Escort, but I'm betting it's no different.

posted by  DodgeRida67

Yes I have and I get it off quite well, thank you.

Once you get started you just can't stop can you. Define "a good number of them". I bet with the start of winter weather I've stabbed more this month than you have in your life. Maybe one day I'll tell you about doing three Tauruses in one day, another car where the dash has to be completely removed.

posted by  vwhobo

You do not need to pull the dash, There is a cover by the passengers side floor under the dash, pull off cover and the heater core is right there.

posted by  barretire

I have a 1995 ford escort LX. the heater core on it is bad. I can't find anyone to fix it for me. Is it really that much trouble to do? How can it be done?

posted by  rodneyK

Well Rodney, you raise a lot of questions.

1. Why can't you start your own thread instead of jumping in on one that's two years old?

2. Do you have one of these (if not, why not?) and what does it say? http://www.partsamerica.com/product_images/img/han/36020.jpg

3. You can't find ANYBODY to fix it for you? Have you tried an automotive repir shop? Did you offer them money? Bring it to me, I can do it this afternoon.

4. It's not that much trouble, if you don't mind removing the dash, why do you ask?

5. What do you mean, how can it be done? Tools, time, parts. Simple.

6. Did you give ANY thought to this before hitting submit?

posted by  vwhobo

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