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Most of you noticed that CF was down last night for quite some time. So if the servers were down does that mean that Adam was doing something to them? So is he back?

posted by  DSMer

Read, idiot. Your stupid questions have all been answered not two posts down. :banghead: You wanna add 'blind' to your evidence of brain death?

posted by  JaneiR36

Threads bitch, threads. Two post down would infer two post within this thread and down...

posted by  DSMer

Yes, yes. Only you would choose brain death over technically incorrect. :thumbs: #4537 Why DS-Loser is dumber than a hamster

posted by  JaneiR36

BWAHAHAHAHAHHA!!!!! :laughing: @ jane

sorry jane, your a great person and all but you "swang and you miss"...

(I just had to express my emotion, & yes i am post whoring!)

posted by  Ki2AY

oh god dammit all of you...there's the other thread started by someone else. go to that one...

posted by  SuperJew

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