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Ok, so you guys are mainly the 2 people who are complaining/flaming the most. If you guys don't like it here, or for that matter, like the people here, why the hell don't you two just leave? It's unbelievable how much you guys complain about us mods and other members on here but for some reason, you keep coming back. If we bug you that much, then why the hell do you keep coming back time and again? Not flaming, not ranting, just curious.

posted by  Satty101

I have the same question. DSM, you are a friend, but you sometimes dont help. You just bitch and point out the problems with different people. What, you could be helpful, but you just seem to choose not to. You flame and argue with everything that moves. It is just plain stupid. You need to learn to be quiet and you will learn more, which is the whole point of this forum. To teach more people about cars. You might say that you can prove me wrong, but perhaps you just dont try to look into what I say, nor do you ever actually ask me a car question, we have always quarreled overed personal issues, which are, as I said, not what it is about. It is about the cars not who drives them. Just remember that! :thumbs:

posted by  StiMan

I don't complain much. And I don't insult unless I'm insulted first. The only thing I complain about is the lack of car conversation on this forum.

And Satty, if you don't like me, than YOU leave bitch.

posted by  What

A person who has been here for 1 Year (right...) doesnt have to leave when the problem has been here for like 4 months... You complain tons! You call everyone bitches, you complain constantly with the people who are at this forum. You start tons of flame wars, you very rarely say anything car-related, and as far as I can remember, you havent. If you want to talk more about cars, then do it.

posted by  StiMan

I rarely complain.

I talk about cars.

I don't care enough about you bitches to complain. All I want to talk about is cars.

posted by  What

Of all the people accused of constant complaining, you choose me? You must not pay attention to the forum. Vwhobo complains all f*cking day. Dodgerida complains all f*cking day.

I just don't understand how a bitches mind work.

posted by  What

That's because you aren't looking at a "bitches" mind. Examine your own once and a while and maybe you'll figure it out.

posted by  Satty101

i dont think trying to talk to What like this is really going to work.... maybe talking back at him in his own way will work?

posted by  Inygknok

ok, What, bitch, why, bitch, do, bitch, you, bitch, act, bitch, so, bitch, bitchy?

Is that enough bitches?? Because thats all I hear him say.

posted by  SNiPeRViRuS

I believe the What Important word to Bitch is 1:4, I.E.: 4 "Bitch(es)" per 1 actual word, helpful or not.

posted by  StiMan

oh great, another slugfest topic...... :sleep:

posted by  Ki2AY

somebody get this man a beer!

posted by  99hatch

Why? That wouldn't help this at all. It would inflame it more. It doesn't matter anymore. What is actually making a bit of sense and DSMer...well, I haven't seen him do anything against other members, so Im dropping it.

posted by  Satty101

These aren't MEN your conversing with. Most are normal teenagers,the lower 2% are hateful,little radical,want to be cocksuckers. WHAT? OH, I hear you. :laughing:
Bav,you can delete this tomorrow,while at work,when you should be doing what your emplorer is paying you for. :smoke:

posted by  lectroid

That is true. They seem to have turned around. :thumbs:

posted by  StiMan

i think all of you sound like a bunch of girls. i have never seen so many people whine and conplain as much as here. they would be smart to shut this thing down, and let you girls go some where else.

posted by  gageplate

Or he could leave it... this is off topic. :smoke:

posted by  DodgeRida67

Says a person who replied to one such topic over a damn week after it was inactive.............

Criticize all you may, but the topics are only fueled by those who participate, and you've added yourself to the list more than once! :laughing:

posted by  JaneiR36

thanks. I aim to please

posted by  gageplate

I must have missed this thread, how could I ever do such a thing.... I don't complain about "us" mods. I just think that its completley ludicrous that you should ever be considered a "moderator". What is it that you "moderate". You don't know much about cars, and the little "moderating" that you do is only overshawdoed by your juvenile ignorance.

What has had a valid point and he's held it for quite a few months. You guys do to much talking and not enough discussing of cars and car related materials. Thats simply because YOU(yes you not them or anyone else) don't have the knowledge to stay in a conversation that pertains to cars. Its not my fault you don't know much of anything. I was'nt the one that raised you, so if you have any gripe about my "bitching" about your indolent knowledge take that up with your legal gaurdians. As you can clearly see I've ceased to anymore disccusing of you or anyone elses idiotic actions. I have'nt the time anymore. N while this thread is probably weeks old, it has my name in it and I feel entititled to give your curious mind a dose of reality.

Until you can match something other than your derth of automotive knowledge to these forums as other members 10x more valuble than you could probably ever be in a given time span have, my mind stays the same. I don't have a problem with mods, I have a problem with YOU.

So either step up to the plate, or shut the fu(k up. The choice is yours.

posted by  DSMer

I'll tell you what it is us Mods Moderate, fair enough, I haven't been here much recently, but I still take pride in what I do. Some of you guys think that we have to know alot about cars, and we do know a great deal about cars, you're forgetting that a couple of Mods are, infact, only teenagers, but I still believe they know what they are talking about. Ok, lets get something straight, right away, if all we done was Moderate stuff that requires alot of knowledge about cars....we'd be bored, because as far as that goes, I think this place pretty much has it sorted, bar one or two individuals who post stupid...'one sentence' questions that have been asked all mannor of times before.

A Mods job is infact alot more indepth than some of you make out, hense, why Satty wrote this topic in the fist place! For example, I logged on this morning and the first thing I had to do was move two topics and lock one, I mean, how hard is it for new members (and some older ones), to have a quick glance at the Forum rules before posting, if this was the case, we'd have people posting in the right places and no advertising, oh, and WHAT, we would also have no bad language either, or atleast not in every post. I think that it's both you and WHAT, DSMer who are acting jouvenile here, not the Mods.

Now then, who was it that had the Beer? I'm old enough to drink it

posted by  Cliffy

Pfft, don't feed me that bullshit. "Ohh we're mods of a car forum its so fecking hard to do". I've owned and moderated many more servers and forums, than you've probably ever been considered to be a "moderator" on. Its not rocket science and don't even act like you have to even "work" hard at it. If thats what you even do. Ooh big whoop, you moved a few fecking threads. How challenging. I helped clear up several peoples minds about certain technical car related issues and somehow helped 3 total strangers whom I'med me from this forums seeking advice because they liked the articles I posted and thought that I would have the knowledge to answer their questions. I'm sure those two mis-posted threads that you moved would have greatly affected those peoples quest into getting some help with their car questions. Yeah right... stop blowing smoke up my ass. Its not good for your health.....

One who runs a forum about cars, must know about them. Thats almost as dead as saying President Bush can lead the country simply because hes a great leader but does'nt know jack shit about polotics and governemnt. It DOES NOT work like that, the title of the forum fits the job. They don't know shit, then they "attempt" to come defame me at my game? Please, I've seen better insults in cheesy paradoys. Lets not crash egos, because thats not going to get us anywhere.

If you got to a honda forum, or a nissan forum, or a subaru forum, generally the moderators are the ones who know the information pertaining to the subject. Not saying our system does'nt work, I'm saying who the f*ck is this needledick to tell me to leave when he can't even seem to do the simple job of moderating. Who the hell is he to say anything regarding my position on anything in this forum whe he could'nt point out a damn seat in a van. Thats where my grief comes. And I've told him as I have many other people, theres no point in arguing. If you have some valid knowledge to give, then step up to the plate.

Again, I would'nt normally waste my time with bullshit like this(as I have better things to do like write articles to help our lost and misinformed tuners) but this had my name in it so I felt entitled to give him a valid answer.

posted by  DSMer

Have you noticed how I could string a few simple sentences together without sounding hostile, arogant and the need to swear, DSMer, I never once tried to say that I think this is a hard job to do, merely that some people make our job harder, I also stated that us Mods know enough about cars to be Moderators, now then, I'm no genius, but I do know quite a bit about cars, hence why UFF made me a Mod, and I'm possitive that's why he made the others Mods too, infact when he offered me the job he said it was because I help people out where I can etc etc, he didn't just say "Here's a set of keys to the your worst!". Infact, the only reason I've stayed out of the R&M section latelly is because I haven't been here much so I dont wanna start helping some one if I cant finish helping them. So I'll tell you what, as Satty said, If you dont like it, disappear, you actually used to be quite a nice guy, what's happened?

If you have any issues that need clearing up, feel free to PM me, or if you'd rather vent ya views here, feel free, but this thread will be locked eventually if you keep acting like you are, if not by Satty, by some one else :ohcrap:

posted by  Cliffy

Don't like it? I've kept it to myself for the past month. You seem to forget who started this thread. Lock it go ahead. I could give a shit less, its not attributing anything valuble anywhos.

I don't care to have any views read. My original statement stands. Step up or shut up.

posted by  DSMer

This would be better if you called for a level of change instead of this stupid 'step up or shut up' thing. the topic at hand isn't him, it's about you and what flamin people. In case you guys haven't noticed, you're being insensitive to various people, and it can change. Look at ChrisV, he's incredibly knowledgable and doesn't offend anyone. Why can't you be like that, DSM? Can't you follow a good example? Also, swearing isn't the only way to get info across.

What, your posts baffle me everytime. Whern that oen guy asked for help because his car wouldn't start, you told him to walk, and then when I asked you why you dissed on him for no reason, you said you typed it by accident (Then erase it).

One more time, DSM, why do you think the problem lies with everyone but you?

posted by  Godlaus

Because people like you think you have the right to open your mouth about a subject thats way over your head. This does'nt pertain to you. I did'nt see any questions that were asking for your opinion. You have'nt even be a member long enough. So why even post?

ChrisV is ChrisV, I'm DSMer. Theres a big difference. He conducts himself how he likes to conduct himself. I don't see any primal rules saying that all great forum members have to resemble ChrisV. You entering this arena is just more unecissary mouth flapping. Last time I checked I did'nt think somone who was not DSMer or What could answer a question directed at none other than those two people.

You got a problem with me. Take a number, I'll get to you when I'm not busy. I'll be sure to be attentive, listen to your opinions, and hear your views about how I should conduct myself(because in the real world your opinion matters greatly to me). Or I'll simply laugh at your idiocy. Either works for me. Especially the latter of the two, wich seems more realistic.

Again this problem you speak of is non-existant. What problem? Whos problem? Whos causing it? I'll say it again, Ok I am an ass, meanie, butthead, jackass, whatever you'd like to call me. So what now? Does that change the fact that I post good information. Absolutley not.

So where is this problematic society that I keep pinning on everyone else but myself?

posted by  DSMer

Listen you guys, I said I dropped it. DSM, I can understand where you're coming from. But what you don't understand is I came here to LEARN in the first place. I didn't come in here thinking "Ya, I'm gonna be a mod one day" or any crap like that. The oppourtunity came and I greatfully took it. Adam didn't say it was because I knew so much about cars, that he thought it was a good way for him to "Show his appreciation(sp?)" or something along those lines. Because I was a "Funny, informative, helpful person". Informative on what? On what I know. I don't go around acting like I know everything because I don't. I will honestly admit I know a very limited amount about cars, so that's why I'm here LEARNING.

I started this thread back when you and What were spewing bullshit in almost every post. But since you have changed (What has changed a bit too) your attitude, I no longer have a problem. So like I said, I'm dropping it. I retract my previous statement (The first post in this thread).

posted by  Satty101

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