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ok there is no blonde here.. but carry on reading now that your here..

first of all.. what i do.. im doing a 2 year National Diploma in Graphic Design alongside a BTEC in Photography.. (dont know what the equivalent is in the States.. sorry) anyway.. here is one of the few briefs im working on.. this is the only one you may be able to help with..

have a read..

ok i want to do a Car or a Bike film.. something along these lines of fast action car movies.. could be a drama/crime/comedy any but i would love something that has a car/bike theme to it..

got any ideas guys..? (ooops ive noticed we've also got some chicks on now.. :hi: hehe..) anyway all of you now.. got any ideas for a film title..? and if you want.. some outline of what the poster/advert could look like..

if you have any other good idea for a title and its not got a car/bike theme.. still post.. all replies will be welcome..!

thanks in advance.. :thumbs:

heres for those who wont give up finding what the title offers..

this is Emma.. shes 21 and yeah.. shes British..

:doh: sorry for the minors..

posted by  WeaponR

come on guys.. thinking caps on..!

posted by  WeaponR

This Emma, is going to be in the movie? Perhaps you could do like a car chase like movie... maybe something like The Transporter, thats a great movie!

posted by  StiMan

This is rellated so hang on. Do you guys have a game on the PS2 called the Getaway?? Im just thinking that you could go along the lines of that. At the bottom maybe a couple of fast cars jumping ou the page, maybe a bike on the other side, and at the top a main character, maybe played by some fit girl.

Ah, hold on, take it your from the UK??

posted by  terribleturner

I would have never guessed she was British,,,till I saw the shoes. :laughing:

posted by  lectroid

Im not good at coming up with titles. You could do something along the lines of Need For Speed Underground (if Europe has it... :ohcrap: ) Maybe something like Need For Speed 2 (Not Underground 2, the second need for speed game). Ferarri F50, Lotus Esprit, Jaguar XJ220, and ofcourse, MCLAREN F1!!!!!!(sp?)

Sry, this cold is really effecting me because I had the flu since Sunday and it's been no warmer than 10 degrees since Saturday.

posted by  Satty101

Sorry Satty! I am in the "high-risk" catagory, so I got my shot! Woot! Get better soon! :thumbs:

posted by  StiMan

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