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hey.. have just moved to US as a student in CT... just turned 15... desperately need a driver's license so that I can getto school without burdening host family. Pursuant to CT state law, I have to wait until I am 16.5 before I can get a license. I believe South Dakota, California, Vermont and New Hamshire have the lowest age threshold. Any ideas how I can take advantage of the lower age requirement in these other states (without actually being a resident?)!!


posted by  wazzup

Check for hardships, around here you can get a hardship in these instances for school functions/work etc..

it'll allow you drive alone, for specific things, but you can't go "joy riding"

posted by  Jacob

consider it impossible. no matter what the age is in another state, you still have to be of age (16.5 in CT) to drive, even with a license from another state.

so let's suppose by a slim-to-none chance that you get a license in another state. that's illegal, you don't live in it. but okay, we'll deal with that. you have your license, and you're 15. from what I know, the age you get your learner permit in CT is 16, which is the legal minimum driving age. you are 15. see any problems? even if you have a license from a more-lenient state, you still can't drive in CT, because its minimum age is 16.

here's what the CT DMV says:
"Applicants must wait until their 16th birthday before they can apply for a Learner's Permit. Applicants must pass a vision and a 10 question knowledge test in order to obtain the learner?s permit. The latest edition of the Connecticut Driver's Manual should be studied prior to testing. Also, parents should read a DMV training guide for them, How Parents Can Help Their Teens Become Safe Drivers. Try testing your knowledge of the Connecticut Driver's Manual by taking one of our Sample On-Line Driver Tests."

"Can I use my out of state permit in Connecticut?
If you are at least 16 years of age are not a resident of this state, you may drive here with your out of state permit adhering to the same restrictions that have been placed on your permit. You must be under the instruction of a licensed driver who has held a license for at least four years."

what I highlighted in bold f*cks you over in terms of this...

posted by  SuperJew

damn.. that sucks :( ..... was really hoping that i could drive... btw, what are the "hardships" ur talkinga bout?? googled for it but to no avail...

THanks much for ur help people :) appreciate it

posted by  wazzup

In Texas you can get your permit at 15 and after six months after you can get your license just so long as you are 16. I have my permit and on Feb 22 ish I can get my license due to the fact that I will have had it for 6 months, but since I wouldnt be 16, I have to get it on my birthday in April. Get it? It is cookey I know! :screwy:

posted by  StiMan

hardships, are used for kids who NEED a car, and have special cases.

Such as having to work, goto school cuz parent can't etc..

To get em u usually have to have a letter from ure school saying u need it and other people,

when u have it, u have restrictions to only drive for those thigns (school work etc), so u can't get it and goto the movies on friday.. but u can drive to school.

posted by  Jacob

i see .... i do hope that i qualify for the hardships thing which i think i might...

lucky u :( !

posted by  wazzup

Whatever happened to the bus?

Oh and you guys have really easy laws. Here in BC, Canada, at age 16 you can get a learners permit, which means you can only drive if you have someone over the age of 25 with you (and obviously a license holder). After a YEAR then you can get your new drivers permit. This means you can't have more than two passengers in the car with you, and zero blood-alcohol. Only after TWO MORE YEARS can you get your full license. So basically you can't be a fully licensed driver until you are at least 19. I'm just glad I got my license a few years ago, before all the rules got so strict.

posted by  Mathew

ok i need to know something....im 14 and im about 2 turn 15 in a few months....my mom is handicapped and i was wondering how i can get a hardship...but if i get a hardshipp will i have 2 get on my parents insurance and pay so ridiculous price

posted by  pimp50790

If you are not a resident in a given state, their laws do not apply to you.

I'm not sure about the laws in CT, but look up a junior's license. You are allowed to drive to and from work/school alone, before 9pm

posted by  Spitsign

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