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Funny young actors grow up and start doing serious stuff?

I'm talking about Will Smith and Adam Sandler, for starters.

Will Smith totally graduated into serious stuff. I especially loved him in Enemy of the State.

Now Adam Sandler has come out with this new movie Spanglish, which I will see, but still, I'm wondering who's going to do all the immature movies now that all the boys are growing up. Oh well.......................... :ohcrap:

posted by  JaneiR36

Its a fact of life. Younger people eventually have to mature, at least some do. There will always be more childish young people to replace the old ones. That you can be assured of...

posted by  DSMer

But who can you think of that's doing as fine a job as these two gentlemen?

Also, you say childish like its a bad thing; in this context, I think it's not! They were the masters of their domain and now they've moved on and left a vacuum. Oh well. They will be missed.

Jaime Foxx has also pretty much done the same thing (moved on to "Collateral"), even though I'm not a fan, it's the same phenomenon.

posted by  JaneiR36

Well when you list people such as Adam Sandler and Jaime Foxx your general interpretation of "childish" is alot different than that of what I originally percieved it to be. Those actors are'nt what I would consider childish actors. They are comedians and as we know it most comedians degrade their own maturity level to achieve their original goal. Wich I'd have to assume for all comedians is to be funny.

Being funny to feed your family, pay your bills, keep clothes on your back is'nt childish. Its a job, and certain levels of maturity come within the sole responsibility of doing so, even if you're being childish to achieve it. They simply saw more future in their career as being serious award winning actors. They chose to go another route. Does'nt mean they can not still remain funny. Chris Rock has done a serious movie or two and he still has his funny stand up movies.

There is not an empty vacuum; as the big guys will always be at the prime of their game. More shall come to replace them. There are always people looking to be funny for attention. Never doubt the isecurities of man, for they will always be present.

posted by  DSMer

Well, if this were true, then why not just do 1 funny movie? Chris rock could ask for 1 million for 1 movie (A little much for first time, but still) and live off the interest, if that was the point of being funny. Besides, I don't think you can be a good comedian/actor if you didn't enjoy your job. Humor isn't something that can be learned, and it comes with moods much more so than knowledge. I think they became comedians because that's what they love. They love being the center of attention and making people laugh. Hell, anyone would take their place, because everyone loves that person and is easily likable.

Robin Williams is the preson that comes to mind the most when I think of this, as he did a sitcom when he was younger (Morc, I believe) and 'graduated' in serious films like good will hunting, imsomniac, 24 hour photo, jumanji (Ehh...maybe), and my personal favorite, Dead poets society. he doesn't act to pay bills, he acts because it's what he loves to do. (I don't believe he's ever had any extensive acting training either. (well, that of the likes of denzel washington)

Also, we don't know if these people are mature in real lfe, they might be immature and we just don't kniw it, as we only know them on screen. (there's a physcological condition of this, but I forgot what it was called), for example, in england, a sitom's character was beat up on the street, because the mugger didn't like they way he did stuff on screen.

Oh please, are we philosphers now?

posted by  Godlaus

We're all a little of everything :smoke:

posted by  JaneiR36

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