Sweet ass online racing game!!

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This game rocks!! :D


posted by  Unfedfat

Everybody need to try this one. Once you figure out how to set it up it's a hoot!

posted by  vwhobo

Brings back the pre-teen years and it's cheap fun, shame you can't race someone else head to head.

posted by  lectroid

yes,but why there two controlers?

posted by  Hiens

You can race somone else on your computer.

I've had this one saved on my computer for a couple years. It's a blast!

posted by  ChrisV

I hate this game. I can't keep my car on the track :doh:

posted by  Satty101

but any ways found another one. I'ts a bit harder.
Renault F1 game. (http://www.renaultf1.com/en/public/flash/)
go down to online game. Happy racing :thumbs:

posted by  Hiens

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