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I'm planning on moving to Las Vegas here pretty quick and I had a question about neighborhoods...If anyone that knows Vegas well can suggest a nice neighborhood in Vegas with homes around $250K to $300K or apartment homes with garages up to $1500/mo that are pretty new it would be appreciated...I'd rather not work with a real estate agent just yet, I just kinda want some inside info about where to look...Thanks

posted by  Machine

One of my buddies recently moved to Vegas. He paid $800 for a 2 bedroom, 1000 sq. foot apartment in a decent neighborhood. He keeps telling me that it's the nicest apartment he's ever rented.

Have you tried ( EGAS&state=NV)?

Las Vegas Agent (
10 of the best neighborhoods (

Good luck man!

posted by  Unfedfat

Thanks for the help...I've been to Vegas several times but I figured I'd ask someone who knows the area...The websites are a big help, thanks...

posted by  Machine

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