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I bet everyone has heard about the deadly Tsunamis in South East Asia by now. I want to dig into my wallet to give something to any organization for this purpose, but I'm finding that I'm going for broke. Already I gave a sum of money to the American Red Cross earlier this year, but especially with the Holiday season you still keep hearings ALL kinds of solicitation for help this help that all over the news.

Do you ever feel like you've given enough; your quota, so to speak, and you just can't give anymore?

Sometimes, I just wish there were just one world wide hunger fund/disaster/war relief/disease/whatever fund, that everyone could just give to and not have to worry about any more requests, and then the fund would divide the money among the needy all across the globe. Or maybe we could have one for the USA, and one for worldwide issues. Or is that what communism is? :ohcrap:

posted by  JaneiR36

Hmmm.... intriguing question, and Nicely put. the thing is, I believe it;s your responsibility to give some money to charity if you have some to spare. It's just selfish to buy a ferrari F430, when there are kids starving in North korea because thy have a nutcase emperor. I figure, if you;re gona indulge yourself, then at least solve your want and someone else's need.

No, I've never given so much tat I can't give any more, but I don't give money. I do charity with my hands. it's too easy to give a C note to a charity and say you're a good person (Not that it makes you a bad person). I prefer volunteering for a program for disabled kids when nobody else will. That's charity to me, because your actual help makes a bigger difference than 20 bucks.

I'm sure there's a UN type charity thing, just spend some time on google.

posted by  Godlaus

well, you may or may not be a religious person, but when u give willingly, you will get it back plus more.....just think about that......but i do know where you are coming from, i have been in that situation want to give but u have other things you HAVE to pay for, wel, i gave, and randomly, the exact amount of money i needed showed up in my bank acount.....just think about it.

posted by  Tooyoung225

No, don;t bring religion into this. Somebody coul bring up the fact of something like, I gave 30,000 dollars to the world trade center foundation, and look what happened to that.... It'll also start an anti-religion argument, so let's leave religion out of this. Besides, according to christianity, even if I gave 100 billion dollars to charity, I would still be going to hell, as i have forsaken this 'God' you speak of. There, you see, I'm already starting to bash on christianity, so let's leave religion outta this thread.

posted by  Godlaus

lol if you're gonna bash on Christianity, at least keep it straight. :laughing: It says if I do this and that and have not love, then it's all in vain. In my understanding, it's referring to, perhaps someone who only contributed so they'd get their name out there, or for promotional purposes, or to become more popular, etc. Basically you've already got your reward which was what you wanted so there's nothing else for you spiritually. eh... didn't mean to go off on this, just clarifying.

Tooyoung, I totally see what you're saying. It's easy to nod your head and agree with the pastor telling you about giving when you're rolling in the dough (...assuming there ever was such a time :laughing: ). But when you've got your own issues piled up and it almost literarily hurts to give, that's when it really gets serious, IMO :ohcrap:

posted by  JaneiR36

I think it's the responsibility of the more fortunate to try to help the less fortunate. That said, since this is a car forum, there are many ways to support charities. One way is by donating your used car to a charity. It's not necessarily taking money out of your pocket, but it's an interesting way to help.

There's a guide that talks more about charity car donations:

posted by  micarosan

I know you're new here, so I'll go easy on you. Don't resurrect threads that haven't been touched in nearly three years.

posted by  dodgerforlife

why not?

posted by  What

Back from the dead, but il have my 2 cents. I give to any organization I believe needs the help. I donate blood 2 times a year, donate to Israeli relief, and the AIDS fund, becuase I believe those are places where help is needed. However, if America was bombed, and money was needed to help rebuild (figuratively speaking), I wouldnt give money, because I feel our country sticks its nose into places that it shouldnt. I guess I give to where I deem it to be right.

posted by  newyorker

When I give, I try to give directly to the people in need. There is usually someone pocketing lots of the donated money in these charities.

posted by  What

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