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Walk into the bank, two tellers working, a line that goes out the door. 15 tellers working at desks behind the teller counter doing shit. Oh man...

If it doesn't annoy the shit out of me when I order McNuggets and they forget the sauce. Or order a drink and they forget the straw...

Driving in the fast lane and the slow lane moves faster. Move to the slow lane and the fast lane goes faster. Can’t fuckin’ win...

posted by  Unfedfat

why do they have brail on the drive threw at the bank...

posted by  caffeine junky02

I get annoyed when after licking a woman out, she won't give me a blow job (

posted by  snoopewite

LOL, Snoope...I feel ya on that one...

I hate it when I meet ladies who say that they want a man that can dress and who takes care of himself, then says they think maybe I have gay tendencies because I can deliver on both...Make up your minds, ladies...Oh, and reciprocate after we go down, damn it :twisted:

And I hate people who don't notice that their turn signal is still on after a turn or a lane change so much that I can't even drive behind them without almost going insane, it's so damn annoying...

posted by  Machine

haha... Ditto...

posted by  Unfedfat

Well for this I suppose I'll just keep it work related.

1. People who call you and say that their car isn't running right. Then they want to know what's wrong with it and how much it will cost to fix.

2. When you finally convince them to come in because you really need to diagnose it before you can make that call you find out they have it on good authority that it's "just a sensor or something" and you should be able to fix it in 15 minutes for $25.

3. Or they bring the car to you and then give you a 30 minute lesson on exactly how you should go about troubleshooting and repairing the car.

4. Or they can't even describe what is happening to make them think that there is a problem with their car. This is normally followed by the statement "You're the mechanic, you should know what I'm having trouble with".

5. If you don't kick them out and they decide to leave the car with you with the understanding that they'll be called within two hours with a diagnosis, after they're gone they call every ten minutes to see if it's done yet. These calls are usually accompanied by more helpful diagnostic tips from their nextdoor neighbor's cousin's pool cleaner.

6. When you contact them with a firm estimate and explanation of needed repairs they confirm that that's exactly what they thought it was. And of course they need to know why it's so expensive, after all they remember when you could get a cheeseburger for 50 cents and a gallon of gas cost only 29 cents.

7. After approving the job they call every five minutes to see if it's done yet even though you told them 4 o'clock and it's only noon, remember they really gotta have their car. It's also important to know why it takes so long, after all their Uncle Bob could rebuild the carburetor on his '61 Valiant in less than an hour. Their car doesn't have a carburetor.

8. When you tell them at 3 o'clock (an hour early) the car is ready to pick up they can't make it in to get it today. Will tomorrow first thing in the morning be okay?

9. They show up at 2 o'clock the next afternoon to pick up their car but there's a problem. They're $100 short, can they take the car and bring you the rest of the money on payday, two weeks from now.

10. They call you back a month after repairing their car to complain about a problem. Ever since we replaced the timing chain the rear brakes are making noise, and it's our fault.

And you wonder why I'm grumpy sometimes!

posted by  vwhobo

I love when a customer trys to stand and watch you do the work on their car like its a friggin movie or something.....pisses me off. or the ask you questions non stop through out the job about things un related....eerg

posted by  84_Jetta_GLi

The most annoying thing that piss's me off but good is when my girlfriend nags me for hours and hours to go do some Girly stuff like watch a Chick flick or Go with her while she shops for 3 hours, She expects me to do all this crap and i allways do it without complaining. Meanwhile i'll be watching the CFL on the Tube and she sits down and starts to get all bored and figity, then finally says she's board and makes me change the channel..

Women want men to do the stuff they like but they won't be just alittle fare and let us watch the Big game.

I just wish women were like A Football at times.
-fun to play with but you know you can just put it in the Closet when your bored. :twisted:

posted by  Eric998

That damn glitter that strippers where pisses me off. I can deal with the perfume and lotions, but damn it I hate the glitter. It's like they use it to mark you so your girlfriend, fiance, wife, or mistress knows where you were. Now, I don't lie to my girls about going to strip clubs, but I still don't need to bring back "souvenirs" that show I was there...

posted by  Machine

People that drive their cars in a friggin rally or some crap, and then bring it in 5 mins late for their appointment screamin crazy ass hot and want their oil change done in 20 mins :evil:

posted by  84_Jetta_GLi

Unsolicited tip. Unload the girlfriend, soon.

posted by  vwhobo

Yep, Agreed. I had a misses like that, I went out with her for a few weeks and told her to pack her bags :)

posted by  57ock

People who revive ancient threads. :thumbs:

posted by  vwhobo

Can't stand those fckers :laughing:

What gets me?...People without a clue telling me stuff :banghead:

posted by  chris_knows

gawtdammet. yeah, people reviving threads :hi:

Then there's people who can't take the hint that you hate them...

posted by  dodgerforlife

When its pouring rain, hydroplaning on the highway is not uncommom, and some idiot in an '86 Civic decides to drive 3 feet behind you with his highbeams on.

I'm not Mr. Straight Driver or anything, but I just don't understand people tailgating, especially in poor weather. Its just stupid. 2 seconds behind won't make you late.

posted by  Mathew

-People who talk just to hear their on Goddamn voice
-People who are offended by "Merry Christmas" enough to complain about it
-People who won't take responsibility for anything
-People who still bitch about racism today (Their are a few circumstances where their complaints are justifiable, but JUST A FEW).
-People saying they can't get a job because of illegal immigrants (kinda goes w/ the 3rd one)
-Goths (except for the occasional hot goth chick)

posted by  giant016

When people stand in line trying to order something and they can't make up their mind.

people who are slow that somehow end up in front of you

when nothing is going right in the day then to finally top it off you get some kind of stain on your best clothing

when parents start you off on one chore like the trash then when your done they add on the dishes,vacuuming, crushing the cans, doing dog, poop, ect...just say them all at once

kids who think they are "hard"

and basically most people in general piss me off

posted by  salimander13

Comments like that ^^^

Part of a majority I suppose, are you? Just because racism is probably less prevalent these days (especially from a legislative point of view), it doesn't make it any less wrong.

posted by  windsonian

From does no good to "give them all at once" since ALL of them never get done if they are given at once.

There's the old excuse of, " did? I forgot..."

Don't be annoyed. There is purpose to what you see as annoying.

posted by  BavarianWheels

I never said that racism isn't wrong, but people are using too much as an excuse. "I didn't get the job because I'm this" or "The cops arrested me becuase I'm that". I'm sick of it. I see more affirmative action then I do racism. A black person with the same grades as me with the same financial situation is going to get more money in grants and scholarships to go to school than I am, just because they're black. If the tables where turned and the majorities got more $ to go to school, all hell would break loose. Once again, their are still some cases of blatant racism, but for evey one of those, it seems like their are 10 cases of people using it as an excuse as to why their life sucks.

posted by  giant016

Ironically, the only way racism will end is when everybody stops talking about it and all differential treatment of people from different races stops. There are people on both sides of racism that feel this way.

As for what gets to me......

Idiots cruising in the left lane. If you're not passing, then get out. If you are passing and somebody comes up behind you, then pass a little quicker and move over.

Damn, I'm getting pissed just thinking about it. :banghead:


posted by  theman352001

You're preaching to the choir - Amen!

posted by  dodgerforlife

That's one of the pitfalls of preachin', the choir and the congregation are there at the same time.


posted by  theman352001

-religious people (i don't want to hear about church and how "god can save me")
-people who steal shit
-people who have grown up with money and then dont want to give thier employees a bonus when they need it most (long story)
-people who buy used tires and then bitch about not getting a matching set

i can go on and on but i'll just stop there

posted by  glagon1979

How do you think they STAY "rich"...??? Certainly not by giving it away.

posted by  BavarianWheels

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