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hey, i know you think this is just some stupid idea, but try it, i made lik $15,000 in a month....i was extremely shocked, i did think it would work either, but i tried it, and now im $15,000 richer...just read the whole thing before you think it is crap.

make $18000 in 30 days (http://www.webspawner.com/users/thestudalex27/index.html)

posted by  Tooyoung225

Hmm, I couldn't be bother reading it just give me the jist of it. :sleep:

posted by  GreekWarrior

well, if you open up a business paypal account, and then send $5 to the person in the number one spot on the list.(found by clicking the link.) Then you send this to as many people as possible, but first you delete the person you sent money to, move everyone up one, then add the email address you used for your paypal account to the number 5 spot...as the people you send it to send it to people, more and more people will do it when you finally are in the number one spot...therefore, there will be literally thousands of people sending you $5....and trust me, i tried it and was skeptical at first, but i made $15,000...i was shocked.

posted by  Tooyoung225

And this is supposed to work, eh? Riiiiiiight... :banghead:

posted by  StiMan

it's called a pyramid scam. Rarely works except if you're the first or second person doing it and you have extremely aggressive advertising.

posted by  Godlaus

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