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I don't know if any of you care, but Slint, one of the greatest post-punk bands of all time, is finally reuniting for a short 15 date tour. Their 2 records, Tweez and Spiderland, are incredible. Spiderland, in particular, is in my top 5 albums of all time ever. They are amzing. They are playing Seattle in March. If I could go wait for tickets right now, I would.

If you haven't heard Slint, and you like 'alternative' music, go find Spiderland. It is one of the greatest records ever. It gives me the chills when I listen to it to this day. You may have heard "Good Morning Captain" in the movie Kids.

UKers, they are curating and performing at All Tommorows Parties in Sussex:

This news just made my ****ing month!

posted by  Futtbuck

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