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Hey there Eric!

Take a look; http://www.car-forums.com/talk/viewtopic.php?t=932

posted by  Unfedfat

hey i'm Eric, i just found this forum a few min ago. It's awsome. There's lots of car forums out there but most fo them just plan suck.

I drive a Honda civic.
It's alittle worse for wear right now. lol
My GF was driving and somehow she Crashed my car :( I loved my car when it was in a better shape. Now it's sad to look at, but it still does the job.

What is everyone Else Driving these days?

posted by  Eric998

This was posted elsewhere, but I'll still post here...

2003 Nissan 350Z Track, black
2003.5 Infiniti G35 6MT Sedan, white
2003 Infiniti FX35 AWD, black

Possible adding a 2003 Infiniti M45 to the line-up...

posted by  Machine

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