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Welp, folk, I just got back from my first speech team competition, and did decently. I was entered to perform Duo Improvisation with a close accquaintance of mine, and the way it works is this:

There are three rounds of judging, and the duo must perform the prompt three minutes after first seeing it. 2 of the prompts are usually humorous, while one is "dramatic" (the rest of us call it serious). Typically, there are 6-8 people in each judging group, and are ranked from 1 to 6 depending on how each duo does.

Well, I went into expecting to do better than we did, for I had heard that she was a very good actress, which turned out to not be true. In all actuality, it turned out that I, the noob, had to keep feeding her open-ended lines just to keep from a dark hush falling. Our first prompt not only sucked, but was extremely difficult.

Our first was "Humorous: A lion trainer must tell his boss that something grave has happened to the lion." It was miserable because the prompt was neither here nor there (as in, not serious or humorous), as well as being quite type-cast. The trainer character already has to be a man, and the nature of the two characters implies that they are both middle aged, as well as the boss probably being white. Therefore, variations in accents, voices, and acting styles was very limited. After performing, I expected the worst from the judge. She looked like a real biotch. However, she ended up giving us our best score- 3rd out of 6. (more like 5 because the 6th never showed up for their timeslot.)

Second was our serious prompt: "Dramatic: A parent must tell their child that a decision has been made for the parents to separate." I was very pleased to see this prompt, for it was open-ended enough to allow for some wiggle room. I played the child (a 200 lb. 6' 1" man) and my partner played the mother. I screamed like the 10-yr. old I was, and managed to squeeze out some tears, only to place 4th out of 6. I think it's because my partner sucked at trying to be a nurturing mother (rather, I'll say that she sucked at being anything other than a gothic poetic person (which is who she is in real life)) AND I SAW ALL THE OTHER ACTS! WHAT THE HIZZHELL?! Why fourth?! We rocked the socks off that one- actually, I'll say that I made a very good confused, scared child. Katy just made a bad mom.

Third was the round in which we received our worst score. The prompt was decent, although we failed to pull it off very well, and I openly admit that one. "Humorous: You are filming an audition tape for an extreme reality show." Our decision in reality shows could have been better- we decided on "Survivor- Broadway", which the judge thought was a very novel idea in the notes. (That's just about the only thing he had to compliment us about) I played a flitsy, feminine triple/threat (For any non-theatre folks, that means someone who can sing, dance, and act), while Katy played a sullen, gothic poet and forlorn actress. Katy decided that the premise was that the two of us began to make the tape together, and then got into a fight, and had a battle of performing arts. Unfortunately, she was unable to return any sort of battle-type actions as I jazz-squared, grape-vined, and pac-man'ed circles around her and sang like a fruit. The judge, who was a very hefty man, didn't even give us a better score than the kids who made fun of obese people in theirs'! I was apalled. 6th out of 6.

The competition as a whole was massive- over 700 individual entries. I was one of 76 duos performing for improv duo (That's 144 people in total, just in my division!) My Speech Team was unable to place in any event, and we have members who have placed in the national semi-finals. I do feel good about the fact that I received much better scores at my first competition- most of the speech team got all 6's their first time. So I guess that means I'm good. As well, my coach made me feel good in saying this- "Sorry Katy, but I'd like to see Patrick do something solo with those crazily intense stage eyes." So now I'm entered to do a solo act as either a stalker or the legendary cannibalistic serial killer, Jeffrey Dahmer for Dramatic Interp on the 22nd and on the 5th- 5th is regionals, by the way! I'm going to regionals just because of how well I did today! CONGRATULATIONS ME!!!

posted by  Patrick

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