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...or does this look like stupid behaviour?

posted by  Wally

I cannot tell you how many times I have seen this when I lived in Chicago...

posted by  ~SK~

Ohhh, I love watching videos of stupid people!

Ahhhh, I feel content, thank you for that!

posted by  Zalight

That is truly hillarious!! :mrgreen: :screwy: :mrgreen:

posted by  2002_EVO_VII

I watched the longer version on another forum. Why the hell do people actually jump/fall out of their car?? thats not helping any, and it would of hurt less than falling out to be in the car when in hit the person in front. i understand getting out After hitting the car in front, because of whiplash or something. but thats really funny.

posted by  shev

Why do people drive in that kind of condition? you would be able to do burnouts for like an hour when its that slippery.

posted by  CarEXPERT

I beleive that video actually happened in Chicago.

I beleive the people are trying to stop there cars. If you figure your car is stuck sliding maybe you can stop it if its only moving at about 5-8mph. But as you can see that is very dangerous as that lady whom fell out of her Malibu and slipped could have easily been impaled between the back of her car and that small Mercedes truck.

Thats how Chicago weather is. We drive in snow 10x's worse... just gotta live with it.

posted by  DSMer

Thats the life i know. nothing better than driving after a blizzard. life of north dakota, when it snows it brings the psycho out of ordinary drivers

posted by  Hellzangel05

I've never seen anyone park like that in my life. :doh:

posted by  lectroid

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