Comedy Legend Dies

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The great Johnny Carson has died. He was 79. Full Story here:

posted by  76MonteMan

well thats a bummer and a half... jonny was the man

posted by  mazda6man

yeah, he was a great guy.

posted by  Bubba

I'll say he was my all time favorite comedian. He just seemed to be so honest and real.No one has been able to replace him(in my book) since he retired. Well,when you gotta go you gotta go.

posted by  lectroid

i never got to see him on the tonight show but it looked like a great show. sucks he had to go

posted by  cavvy

I've got the Johnny Carson 4 VHS tape set of the "best moments" clips from his show from the 60's thru 90's and the farewell show. This is one of my facorite clips:

posted by  76MonteMan

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