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well, i was on vacations, and i still havent fixed my pc, so i had no ways of getting to the forums since my gf would complain whenever i wasnt paying attention to her at her house.... but here i am at college again.

anyhow, sup everyone? ive been reading every week or so and i see that there is always a new.... annoyance.

i guess ill hear from him soon.

anyhow, ive been trying to fix the pc at home but i have come to no avail. i tried checking online for some problems, but my gf wont "stand up to turn on the pc if its not too important".....

so first question i have, who here knows wtf does it mean when u first turn on the pc, and the motherboard starts beeping rapidly for like 2-3 seconds, then just shuts up, and nuthin happens? blasted thing.

anyhow, other than that, i still havent fixed my car..... but i took out the interiors though! :screwy: :mrgreen:

my gf SHOULD be helpingme out a bit this month..... along with her dad (he loves me)... though i dont trust her.

other than that.... well.... not much is up, though today im with my gf for 1 month officially (OFFICIALLY)

yea well..... who else is still around?

posted by  Inygknok

Welcome back. The computer problem I might be able to help fix. Is the computer a custom-built, first off?

posted by  Coffin Type R

1 MONTH? what ever happen to that hot chick you took a pic of? this a new girl?

other than that, your computer seems ****ed..if you cant even start the computer up to the desktop then its dead. u really cant do anything about it then. DO YOU HAVE THE DISK WHERE IT REBOTS YOUR COMPUTER? my hp has a "recovery disc" where it will make your computer like new if you put it in. off course it will erase everything u have saved up. it will be back to defaults.

and last but not least, welcome back! long time no see!

posted by  Ki2AY

If it's custom built, then we can help you, but if it's by HP, compaq, dell, then you have to go to support and get a new computer. Does it show the BIOS screen when booting up? Sounds like the POST is fcked up, because the actual OS doesn't load for about 10 seconds. If it's custom, buy a new motherboard, if it's by a manufacturer, you're screwed.

posted by  Godlaus

I'd be looking for ram conflict. Try taking out any cards you don't absolutely need. A faulty video card (if you have one) is one that causes this symptom.

posted by  Wally

That beeping you hear is probably a series of beeps. It may just sound like an annoyance to you, but to a comp tech it actually means something. If you still have the manual for the computer(wich I doubt you do, no one ever keeps manuals) then you may be able to pick up how many beeps and what they mean.

Just like cars give off error codes, computers beep error codes. Even if your computer was made by Dell, HP, CompaQ, etc... you're not screwed. Contrary to what some people have told you. There are many alternatives to fixing a computer than just "replace the motherboard" or you're screwed. As you know with cars the problem must be diagnosed before you can start replacing random things. For all we know it could be another component attched to the motherboard(As Wally pointed out). Wich could be a definite possibility.

Unlike with cars these kind of things cant be diagnosed from symptons over the internet. Well they may be but I'm nowhere near that good... yet. My advice, have somone at your college look at it(cmon you go to college there has to be hundreds of computer engineers that could fix your computer for class credit or something). They might see something wrong with it right away. Maybe the Bios just needs to be reset, jumpers, a piece of metallic materal on the motherboard(yes this happens), anything. Get some experienced eyes to check it out...

posted by  DSMer

Not a video card too much, more along the lines of a bad RAM slot and/or RAM chip. Could also be bad keyboard, CMOS, or Processor. I wouldn't worry too much about the Processor, though.

posted by  Coffin Type R


posted by  Godlaus

By any chance did this happen after you hooked up the computer? Plugged in a mouse, keyboard, or anything else?

posted by  DodgeRida67

Here’s some beep coding for you,

AMI 8 (for newer comps)
1 – Refresh failure
2 – Parity error
3 – main memory read/write error
4 – Timer not operational
5 – processor error
6 – Gate A20 failure
7 – Processor exception interrupt error
8 – Display read/write error
9 – ROM checksum error
10 – CMOS shutdown register read/write error
11 – Cache memory bad

Phoenix (for older mobo’s)
1-2-2-3 BIOS ROM Checksum
1-3-1-1 Test DRAM refresh
1-3-1-3 Keyboard controller
1-3-5-1 RAM failure on adress line xxxx
1-3-5-3 RAM failure on data bits xxxx of low bute of memory bus
2-1-2-3 Check ROM copyright notice
2-2-3-1 Test for unexpected interrupts
1-2 Search for option ROMs

I thing you need to replace your mobo, but that’s up to you. If one of these description beeps describes your problem, talk to me and I’ll guide you through fixing it.

posted by  Godlaus

The fact that its beeping tells you the processor and bios is operating.

After taking appropriate anti-stat precautions, remove the cover from your PC and carefully lift out each of the cards plugged into the motherboard, then put them back in. Do the same with the memory modules. Also check that the keyboard is plugged in correctly.

If it still beeps, then get a tech to look at it.

posted by  Who?

sorry, ican only log on at uni. anyhow, dsmer, i know the beeps are a code, i used to program things a while back (too boring though).

anyhow, the pc starting screwing up quite a few months ago when a friend of mine plugged in his HD n the computer didnt like it at all. we took it out n the pc kept running only in safe mode.

anyhow, after a while, i decided to re-install windows and erase everything in the HD. when it tried to re-install itself it gave errors while installing (that annoying blue screen).

i didnt turn it on for quite a few months after that. now, everything is plugged, and i need the videocard cuz i dont have a monitor (Geforce 4), so i use my tv instead.

yea its a custom built one, witha P4. n thats all i can type cuz they are closing up this office and i gotta go home and attend to my "dad-in-law".

posted by  Inygknok

real quick, i almost forgot.

the beeps were like this: an odd double-beep (very quick one), followed by a pause n then 8 or 9 short beeps, then nuthin more.

posted by  Inygknok

What OS are you trying to install? If you have XP, set your BIOS to boot from CD and stick the XP CD in, then format to NTFS, and install. Shouldn't have any problems, unless your HD is corrupt somehow.

posted by  Godlaus

That sounds like a RAM error. try changing the slots on the RAM, using only, changing the order the etc.

posted by  Coffin Type R

No, he might have a different type of RAM, and moving them can mess the comp up.

posted by  Godlaus

i already tried moving the ram around, and i cant do anything with bios if it DOESNT START UP.

im thinking about hitting it with a hammer if i dont find the damn manual for the mobo soon.....

posted by  Inygknok

Did you chage ANYTHING in recent history?

posted by  Godlaus

the ONLY things i have bought brand new have been the IDE cables, thats it. nuthin else was done, winxp is the same cd i used every other time, and like i said before, i tried erasing the HD to re-install windows months ago, so all settings are LONG gone.

posted by  Inygknok

Hitting with a hammer works very well with cars, but I don't think that will solve your problem. Get it looked at. These guys, while they are trying to help, are obviously shooting blindly in attempt to eventualy hit your problem. Save yourself the trouble and either get it looked at or buy a new one.

posted by  DSMer

Look at my profile, DSM.
I am the guy that he takes the computer to.

what are the parts in your comp? how old? What manufacturer?

posted by  Godlaus

The key word is "looked".

posted by  DSMer

regardless, we can save him 40 bucks by just sending pics online.

My bad, IRL is always better than online. :doh:

posted by  Godlaus

Inygknok look at: may help, better than a poke in the dark.

posted by  lectroid

doesnt matter anymore, i finally bothered checking everything last night in detail. only bothers beeping like that when i do anything with the HD, wether it is to unplug it or plug it, or use a different HD, or wateva. im gonna try using a different IDE cable tonight, n maybe connecting the HD to my gf's pc as a slave drive n see if her pc reads it.

im also gonna try out removing the CMOS battery, n see if that works.

if the hd doesnt get read, n the cmos battery is fine, then its obvious i just need a new HD (the other HD i used belonged to a friend of mine, n its a VERY old model, n he said he was playing around with it and hitting it, so i doubt it even works, but its worth a shot).

the beeps meant something about the cmos (stupid ass error or something), or something about the display, its hard to focus on counting the beeps, but it was either possibility.

posted by  Inygknok

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