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i am 16 and in high school and i am looking to buy my first car. What is a car that has nice looks and style for a cheap price of under 3,000. Can someone tell me cars that look nice weather souped up or not for a cheap price

posted by  clepsir9786

Chevrolet Beretta
Toyota Celica
Chevrolet Cavalier Z24 (early 90s)
Pontiac Grand Am
Mercury Cougar XR-7

Just a few IMO that look good for a cheap price. Good luck buying a car man. :thumbs:

posted by  Satty101

I personally like the style of my car (88 Grand Prix SE) for a first car, they're sporty looking, and if you get the SE model, they're very luxurious. Since it's a 17 year old car you can get them pretty cheap too. Attached a pic. I took of mine last year, I'd go take some snaps of the interior but it's midnight right now. It's a 4-seater. 90 GP's are pretty much identical also. I'd suggest staying away from any 3.4 DOHC GM vehicle also. They may make a good 215hp, but they're terribly designed motors, lots of problems and hard to work on, you'll end up paying hard in the future.

Old fox-body mustang, I4.
And if you wanna go all out, get a Cutlass Supreme, get one slightly beat down and fix that beast up nice

posted by  88GrandPrixSE

THis topic is off topic, or uuuh on topic, which is off topic of the off topic section, and should be posted in the general chat area. nvm i forgot what i was talking about and am now confused. :doh:

posted by  shev

You are in luck clepsir9786 I would have to say that now is the best time in a long time to buy a used car.. With interest rates having been low for years, many people are driving new cars thus flooding the market with good used vehicles..

Everyone is different when it comes to styling, you will know the right look when you see it, and always remember that there is always another one around the corner. Obviously the more vehicles you look at (and learn about) the better the deal you can get.

The internet is a real good place to start. Also, local newspapers, Trading Post and just asking around are great ways to find cars.

Best of Luck!

posted by  Gnome

buy a honda

posted by  95mazdab2300

Thank you, for your valuabe input.

I say 93-95 camaro RS. Powerful, RWD, and only 2500-4000.

posted by  Godlaus

92-95 bmw E36 RDW powerful 2500-5000

posted by  pornking

I'd have to agree with Godlaus


posted by  Gnome

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