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I plan on applying there and I know what I want to take. But the section of the site where it tells what school has which progams is under construction so I was wondering if anyone knew what school has Auto Body, chassis fab. and high performance engines, and street rod and custom fabrication.

posted by  Super_Charged

You can either attend the WY campus or the PA campus for those programs. As of right now you can only take Auto w/Chassis Fab and HPE and ASM at the CA campus.

posted by  CarDude

please stop bringing up all these old threads

posted by  mazda6man

Lookin for anyone whos gone to blairsville, or any wyotech campus for that matter. Im heading to blairsville in April and had some questions about classes, specifically
street rod & custom fabrication
Custom chassi fabrication and high performance engines

i have the break down of what they teach but, still lookin for more info and opinions on either class

posted by  proflashrtist

Did you not read the previous post to yours? And that was in 2005...:banghead:

posted by  Cliffy

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