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I was alone at church last Sunday. As we prepared for the closing hymn, a hear a girl near me say, "Hi!". I turn, and it's this girl from the gym that I've talked to a few times. She's married with a couple kids. I guess it impressed her that I go to Mass and she said she knows a girl that I may be interested in meeting. "She's a roomate of a girl I know in a "group" house in the neighborhood," she says. So I give her my number, she calls this girl, and the girl in question, Shannon, says it's okay if I give her a call.

I'm meeting Shannon next week for drinks at a local restaurant. All I know is that she's got dark hair, is pretty, is in school, and sounds like a nice person on the phone.

I've never done anything like this before so I was wondering if there are any other blind date like stories anyone would like to share. Or good date stories in general.

Blind-date stories from female members extra-extra appreciated! :) :)

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No stories....just a little advice.
Go with NO expectations and you are guaranteed to have a good time :)

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I thought this was a Car-Forum, not Dear Abbey. Duped again.

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:doh: :doh:

i have a feeling we got a one-hit-wonder on our hands

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bro ill give u some advice if shes fat and ugly and tall and goofy just excuse yaself to the bathroom and dont come back...alwasy works :laughing:

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First two posts are from the exact same IP address... :laughing: :banghead:

What a loser!

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I dont go on blind dates...i have heard way to many bad stories... and there not good.. soo some advice to you..NO MORE BLIND DATES!!!!! :thumbs:

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agreed. :thumbs:

i've had bad experiences...not with dates but with people....thought they were one look and turns out they were totally different. :doh: :doh:

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sorry i cant help you there......i'm a looser and dont get dates so i dont know what it is like :banghead: :oops: :screwy:

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