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I think I can boldly make this statement, he's selling his car for $35KUSD
Go fast mods include a supercharger! This guy went crazy, I can only dream of my car looking like that 8)


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i seen that before.. long time ago.. exact post/website, and he was also trying to sell it... over a year ago

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Very nice car...Haman wheels are too common now thogh, everyone has them...I would lose that spoiler too, but otherwise looks right kickass!

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Yes, bad is the word I'd use, perhaps even awful. It's a shame people would do such a thing to a nice car, as said before. Bastardisation.


posted by  kilted_BMW_nut

dude thats a peice of shit sell it :twisted:

posted by  timbuck2

thats so freakin phat

posted by  mazda6man

Ok, I would take off: Those wheels, replace them with something much lighter, like TE37's, the body kit, the wing, the eyebrows, the stereo, and the roof wing. His car could be pretty slow with all the extra weight and more rotating mass, even if he has fairly good power gains.

posted by  JDM Enthusiast

looks like my naghbors daughters car she has an M3 that looks like that

posted by  carlover

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