can someone tell me how to quote?

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can someone tell me how to quote? me need look sopistamakated for carphiliacs

posted by  choke

at the bottom right corner there is something that says reply, you have to use that i think. i didnt know either until someone told me.

posted by  shev

yea, or you could put this {quote=name of the person you want to qoute}
at the biggining of a quote and {/quote} at the end of your quote

NOTE: replace { and } with [ and ]

knowing how to do this can be fun sometimes:

SEE you all heard it! The man (or woman, she-thing, whatever...) is guilty.

posted by  Zalight

Hey it is bad i already knew how to do it though.

Just kidding though no hard feelings

posted by  VMJYogi


posted by  moostang104314

how do you do that?

posted by  CarEXPERT

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