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I've got a question that has been burning me up for a good forever: I understand why people buy hoods with scoops and stuff, but I really want to know where the water, in the rain for instance, goes since they are just holes in the hood? Someone please.

posted by  Patrick

Most scoops on factory hoods today are fake. (example: last year's Mustang) So it doesn't need to worry about water getting in the engine compartment. I know a little rain won't hurt an engine, but I'm not sure how it really works.

posted by  moostang104314

i haev a factory scoop but that is because i have a top mount intercooler. so yeah, i have a hole in the hood. But it is at angle where rain water cant really get it (the ic blocks alot it too) plus when driving you aerodynamic divert water from it.

posted by  Low Impedance

or some cars with louvers (94 Grand Prix GTPs for example) have pans under the louver to catch the water. this obviously holds the water there though so it probably rusts out fairly quickly, unless they painted it with rustoleum or something. idk much about scoops. I just know functional > fake

posted by  Satty101

good question, i have always wondered about this too!

posted by  WeaponR

What like the water damages the engine?

Of course some of the water makes it into the engine bay, but most of it is blown away from the scoop. I mean think about it, scoops are designed to catch air coming from the front of the car, not air coming from above( as rain does...) So most of the rain doesn't make it into the scoop.

posted by  Zalight

Still will make it into the bay, going highway speeds, it'll catch rain, and all the rain the runs up the hood/front end and into the scoop.

Depending on the type of scoop on the car, as mentioned earlier, most are fake, probably about 90% of them out there are, and all of mustangs are fake, including the brake cooler vents, they're all fake.

As for where the water goes with a true ram air hood, it goes... into the engine bay. Water doesn't hurt the motor, it doesn't matter. As long as your motor has been running for 30 seconds it's warm enough you could dump a gallon of water directly on the coil pack and no difference will be made (which is really the only thing that will be affected by water under the hood, and still, when the water dries, the car'll be fine again)

So since the water goes into the compartment, this is why they make fake ones (ie Fords) they give the look that some people are after, and, they keep your compartment shiny clean. Water dirty's the compartment, lots of people don't want that.

posted by  88GrandPrixSE

Yea I said some will make it into the engine bay, but it dosen't matter if it does.

As for the fake scoops, Its by stupid companies, for stupid people that would rather make a car look fast than be fast. Like manu-matics...an allusion of a performance car, but not quite there.

posted by  Zalight

okay, seeing i have a hood scoop that is functional thanks to Mazda, here is how it goes. More rain and snow get into the car when it is parked. Thanks to wind etc. But so what? nothing bad happens. CAr is still just fine after eh...2005-1987 years. The Intercooler is there too. block alot of incoming things.

posted by  Low Impedance

that would be ur case. i got an FMIC (though i dont have a hoodscoop, and wont in my car)

posted by  Inygknok

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