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well, i know im a little late, but happy valentines to everyone! sucks not having a pc at home.

anyhow, like i said in another thread, i would post wat i did on my valentines day n i would also like to know wat everyone else did for valentines day. i tried this in all of my classes here at college, but everyone was so bummed out, and others were even pretty aggravated.... so i gave up on them.

anyhow, wat i did was that i got my dad in law to take me with him to pick my gf up at her school (hes a man of VERY few words, was a scientist and retired chemistry professor, raised in a farm with cows n has a way with the ladies, n somehow is very muscular for being 50+). so the whole idea was to pick her up... while i wore this red/gold/bit of black King costum and had this little red devil-bear and a pack of roses, with crown and everything, in front of her whole school (i got named the best bf of the whole school, no one even came close according to all the girls, n we dont even get along). after this, i carried her with all of her books and gifts from some of her peers to the car, and i left in her bedroom this medium sized, cute stuffed dog inside a plastic with a balloon that wont fall over, n lots of chocolate and lollypops and ribbons. also some red roses in a flower pot so she could have some flowers that wont die within a week. other than that, a nice letter that i forgot at home and a big poster of Jonny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean.

posted by  Inygknok

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