whats a good way to haggle ur car price down

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whats a good way to haggle ur car price down

posted by  stinky2099

You gotta just walk in there...give them your price...hopefully it's towards the end of the month when they are pushing cars out the door like crazy to make the month's quota...and you absolutely have to be ready to just walk...tell THEM you cant budge...if not...they'll break you :thumbs:

posted by  NISSANSPDR

Very true, however, do a little shopping around before giving them a figure, if it sounds too unrealistic for the car then there will be NO deal. So be carful, otherwise it's very simple, just stand by your price and dont let it slip.

posted by  Zenith

well I'd personally recommend going overly low on your first quote, that way if they can't reach that, and it is slightly higher, you weren't actually expecting your first quote to be met. Also I recommend pointing out flaws. The more flaws the worse the condition of the car, or more things you will need to take care of, ie. bald tires. If there are scratches, slight dents, make them know that, especially if they are like 'this car is in practically perfect condition' then you can be like 'what about this scratch, and this dent... etc. Good luck.

posted by  Flame Roller

Just point out every flaw you can find and demand a lower price.

posted by  Zalight

do your home work, ask as you have, ck kelly blue book, ck edmunds, some dealers have internet that go direct to fleet pricing, get various pricing from like vehicles and let dealer fight for your business. new car dealers normally have a 5k cushion from sticker price. also they get back manufactors rebate to dealer only good luck...

posted by  doug wong

Go in their w/a Mac10 or Uzi...and you can get any price you want...maybe even FREE!!!


posted by  NISSANSPDR

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