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I placed a post on friday, but can't find it today??
I was asking if anyone has heard of an image viewer called pv05??

I downloaded the free demo, and it is really cool, but berfore I spend the 10 bucks, I just wanted to see if any one has heard of them.

posted by  johnnynumber5

hahaha... SCAMED!

posted by  Zenith

Probably. Is PV Picture Viewer, or something?

posted by  StiMan

here's your first post.

posted by  shev

I don't know about the scammed part, but I did get the viewer. I figured for 10 bucks it was worth it. Now while I'm at work in the cubicle farm, I get to check out my "private" collection and I don't have to worry about the nosy @#!$% spying in. It's a little break of freedom from the gray cubicle world :)
Anyway my bretheren, free yourselves . . .

posted by  johnnynumber5

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