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I would like to know what kind of car this is, I can't seem to find it anywhere. -_-0 So If you would please tell me thank!


posted by  Yanyanpucca

Porsche 125A Cabriolet circa 1956

posted by  NISSANSPDR

I origonally thought that it was a Carmen Ghia, but I think that it is probably that 125A. :thumbs:


http://www.carroantigo.com/imagens/fotos/decadas/1956%20porsche%20256a%20ca briolet.JPG

Carmen Ghia:

posted by  StiMan

I thought so too...but I found that same pic...and I was vindicated!

posted by  NISSANSPDR

What's the difference between a Porsche 125 and a 356? Cause I thought that was a 356 B roadster...

posted by  moostang104314

Guys, the car in the initial post:


is the Porsche Speedster. it's a variant of teh 356 series, but it ISN'T a cabriolet. The 356 Cabriolet (and Convertible D) have roll up side windows and a more up right (and taller) windscreen. The Speedster has a short, chrome surround windscreen, and no door windows. It uses snap on side curtains (and the snaps are clearly visible in his pictures), thus making it a true roadster (a roadster is a 2 door, 2 seat ope not car with no roll up side windows).


http://www.carroantigo.com/imagens/fotos/decadas/1956%20porsche%20256a%20ca briolet.JPG

is a 356 Cabriolet (aka Convertible D)

The car in the original post is one of these: http://images.google.com/images?q=porsche%20speedster&hl=en&lr=&sa=N&tab=wi

posted by  ChrisV

BTW, that red Cabrilet ONLY shows up as a 125 A in that particular picture on that particualr site. (though it also says Porsche 256a in teh filename).

the fact is, there was no Porsche 125a OR 256a. The name on that site is wrong, and you can look it up elswhere.

The 356 series is what your'e looing for, as it's Porsche's first series. There were a few variants, the 356A, 356B, and 356C, as well as the Speedster and Carrera models.

Here is the 356A (in coupe form: there were also Cabriolet and Speedster versions)



And the 356B (note body changes)






posted by  ChrisV

Great! Thanks Chris! :thumbs:

posted by  StiMan

Yeah that's what i thought... I love the 356 B, one of the greatest Porsche's ever. However, my favorite is definitely the first generation 911. That is an awesome sports car!
http://www.gptotal.com.br/images/Porsche-911-Targa-1967.jpg http://www.madle.org/p911targa67a.jpg
(Both of these happen to be Targa models.)

posted by  moostang104314

I agree. I've had 3 911s, a '66, '69, and '74. All three were autocrossers.

Here's my '66 and '69:


I don't have any other pics left of my '66 911 by itself. But here's my '69 by itself:


My '74 with my RX7:


And my '66 912 autocrosser:


posted by  ChrisV

You seem to have had quite a collection of cars Chris! :thumbs:

posted by  StiMan

ChrisV, on rotory engines, the air goes into the intake and then how many ports does it have. Like on a 4 cylinder engine there is 4 ports and in rotary are there more than one? I know that rotary have a single opening for the intake inside the rotor.

And how and why did you swap it for a V8? Out of waht car?

posted by  CarEXPERT

CarExpert, please PM Chris with your random questions. They always throw off the whole thread. Thanks! :thumbs:

posted by  StiMan

Wow, Chris, I'm REALLY jealous. You had THREE early 911's!!! You lucky son of a b****! :laughing:

posted by  moostang104314

Here you go:

Not all 4 cylinders have four ports, some have only two, some have 3, mine only has three. Its just that you see more engines with four ports nowadays because We have found its more effecient to have four smaller valves then two giant ones.

posted by  Zalight

How many ports it has depends on which version of the engine you're talking about. In an early rotary (10A, 12A, and pre-86 13B) there are four intake ports (two for each rotor) that come in the iron housings. On certain race versions, those ports are blocked off, and a large port is put directly into the aluminum housings directly above teh exhaust ports. This is a preipheral port design. Makes lots of uppr rpm power, but absolutely no low end and midrange. On the later 13B there are 6 intake ports, two of which only come on line above a certain rpm.

That's a HUGE story, one that's too large for even PM's... Suffice it to say that it was done because the RX7 died after thw first year of ownership, and at the time it did, the cost of even rebuilding the stock engine was prohibitive. Why spend more than the car was worth to simply repair a 145hp stock engine, or spend considerably more to modify it to a reasonable power level but leave it unreliable? I happened to have a built up 302 Ford from my buddy's drag car that put out bit numbers and was reliable, so I put that in.

That's a VERY breif overview of what happened. After the conversion, it actually handled better than it did before, was way quicker, and considerably more unique, while costing me less than simply rebuilding the stock engine.

posted by  ChrisV

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