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I just downloaded the PC version of the John Woo 8 minutes film.
That was great...
But the best is the speed of the download, I've got wireless DSL and usually download at 70 to 90 KB per second, on the speed was 225kb/s WOW!!! I just can imagine what kind of server they must be using. 8O

posted by  Loophole

I LOVE those films. Great marketing IMO.

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My favorite is STAR.
Madonna, M5 and crazy ass driving.

Fuck AMG M power all the way.

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My favorite as well!!

posted by  BavarianWheels

well what a coincidence I liked Star as well...but mainly because of the M5 :twisted:

posted by  SuperJew

Hey SuperJew, cool little cartoon from am assuming it is from stickdeath)

posted by  vwmaniac

I actually have no clue where its from...its someone elses avatar on another forum.....but thanks.

posted by  SuperJew

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