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crazy rally crash:
http://www.abum.com/?show_media=4595&file_type=Movies&file_id=rallycarcrash .wmv

How to lose a cop:
http://www.abum.com/?show_media=4463&file_type=Movies&file_id=losepolice.mp eg

Talk about a dangerous turn, I think this guy just set up a camera in his window and waited for people to do what they do:
http://www.abum.com/?show_media=4301&file_type=Movies&file_id=1073293118.wm v

posted by  Zalight

Hehe, pretty nice especially that last one :screwy:

posted by  RusMan

Nice. Especially the "How To Lose A Cop" video, reallly clever. :thumbs:

posted by  speeder

The lose a cop vid is clever, but I think they practiced that one for a LONG time, or else had a professional who was used to doing that kind of stuff do it. Either way, all three are :thumbs:

posted by  Satty101

ford sierra 29 mb (http://www.jackal.rovecomnet.nl/teamsidewaysvol1.wmv)

compilation 11 mb (http://www.angelfire.com/wizard2/streetdemonn/jungle.wmv)

posted by  pornking

That cop evasion is awesome. I wish I could pull of crazy crap like that. Thats gotta be from a movie or something...?

posted by  boothe

I dont know for sure, but i think its part of a commercial.

posted by  Zalight

Must be. I still wonder how many time sit took to get that right. Still cool though.

posted by  boothe

Well, for a stunt driver that would be relativly easy. I was watching an episode of 5th gear where a stut driver came on, did the same sort of stunt and then tried to teach it to one of the journalists.

The driver could do it every single time, but the journalist took about 25 times before he got it. And it was still half hearted and crappy.

posted by  Zalight

Impressive to say the least. It would be fun to get some real stunt driving lessons so you could pull that off. you know, for the ladiessss.... :smoke:

posted by  boothe

I did a little bit of it on my own...I went about 20 miles out of town to an old baseball feild that isn't in use anymore and used the parking lot to try different stuff.

Not at all easy.

posted by  Zalight

that cop one was pretty funny

posted by  jdubya

I could do that. It'd take th right car but hell i'm sure imma master shit like that. Only prob is there really is no point of learning it. Do it at Jewels and risk hitting people. Do it at Blockbuster and risk ****ing up. You see...no point unless u are a driver.

LOVE THE VIDS!!! Keep em coming.

posted by  VMJYogi

Why don't you set up a camera so we can all enjoy?

posted by  boothe

Because, it didn't look that good. Also, I dont know how to get crap off my computer onto the internet.

posted by  Zalight

That was kind of the point. :mrgreen:

posted by  boothe

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