1984 chrysler fifth avenue losing juice

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Hi!! I have a fifth ave that won't start....... :cussing: let me explain...be patient please :ohcrap: my daughter had turned on the radio, while i was in the house for a few minutes this morning before school, when i got in and tried to start the engine...... nothing :banghead: Battery right?? wrong?? I charged the battery, it holds a charge. :clap: but when i turn the key to start the engine i lose all power :banghead: could it be the ignition swith, altenator or what???????????? :screwy: Any advice, opinions, or just smoke up my ass would be greatly appreciated(well, not the smoke up my ass :laughing: )
Thanks :smoke:

posted by  hctib

check the connections between the battery and the cables. give them a quick wiggle and see if it starts. it is most likely a cable (more particularly a ground) problem.

posted by  carls47807

Thanks, you were exactly right, i cleaned the posts and the cables and it fired right up. :clap:

posted by  hctib

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