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:driving: I have a 1996 Geo Metro LSi, 4 Dr, Automatic, 4 Cylinder. I have had this car for over a year and its been a really good car until about a month ago. My alternator quit and since then I have had to put 4 alternators in it. The last one only lasted about 2 days. I can tell you that when I bought the car it had no speakers in it. My boyfriend at the time installed some used speakers in the car. Now when the alternator starts messing up the first thing to go is the radio. It wont turn off or anything and everytime I hit the brakes my radio sounds like static. Then my lights go and my wipers follow. No one seems to know what the problems is. Some one said maybe it was the voltage regulator and someone else said it is the wiring in the car. If anyone has any advice or knows what the problem may be please let me know. Thanks! :lol:

posted by  Dreamcicle_7

does fuses blow or does the light bulbs blow?

posted by  thongsai

whatever you do don't buy another alternator unless the one you currently have no longer works, if you can pull it out of the vehicle and test it individually from canadian tire or wherever you parts guys test there products, 4 in one year is absurd, an alternator will last more than 2 years and most manufacturers have a 2 year warrenty, it sounds like a wiring problem, or a bad battery. your car probably has an internal voltage regulator(inside the alternator which has to be replaced as an assembly... not always but it's usually the same cost as getting a new alternator) so unless your buying junkyard used alternators then you shouldn't be having any problem with your new alternator. i would say bad wiring, corroded or loose connections, or your b/f royally f-ed up the speaker job. but it shouldn't be going thru alternators like that so find a good mechanic and have em take a look.

posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap

My ford escort acted the same way. Wiring issues are probably the hardest to deal with because it is hard to find someone who has any clue what they are doing (myself included). If it were me, i would disconnect the junky speakers my boyfriend put in (which couldn't happen because i am a heterosexual guy) and probably even disconnect the radio to see how things work that way. From there I would have the alternator bench tested (as the last person said) to find out if it really is bad, and go from there. There are fusible links between the alternator and batteries on most newer vehicles which commonly blow when retards pull battery cables, or just from old age.

Do you have a voltage meter or idiot light in your vehicle, and if so what is it telling you?

Good luck.

posted by  carls47807

[QUOTE=carls47807] If it were me, i would disconnect the junky speakers my boyfriend put in (which couldn't happen because i am a heterosexual guy) QUOTE]
:laughing: damn that was a good laugh.. thx buddy

posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap

Is the regulator in the alternator? If not, that could be the cause.

posted by  88GrandPrixSE

You should have the battery charged before instaling a new altenator. The reason you have gone through 4 alts is because the battery does not have a full charge, when you start it the alt reads it as a drain and slams into full charging mode which tends to burn out the voltage regulator if the battery is not fully charged. :2cents:

posted by  srober32

:heh: Thank you all so much for the advice you gave me! I will look into everything you guys mentioned. My ex is probley responsible (He was an all out Dumb-Ass)But thank you. If I have any more questions I will be in touch!!! :wink2:

posted by  Dreamcicle_7

Most of em are :wink2:

posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap

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