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could someone plse help me
I am a new memeber here and I have just recently purchased a 1984 300 sd with 254000km on it .

It has a number of things that need attentio ...the most pressing appears to be NO HEAT in the cabin or at least very little

even with the knobs on the auto temp at full and highest request for heat.....very little.

the blower works fine..

is it a fuse......i dont think so

a relay in the temp wheel that disignates the desired temp in the cabin

HELP plse :( :( :(

second oddity

when travelling at 120 km all of a sudden for 4-5 km the steering wheel
begins to shimmy rather badly and if you presse the brake the brakes shutter

later a few km later all disappears and the brakes work fine again


but the heat thing is critical plse

posted by  skiperoo1

Why post this twice? :rolleyes:

posted by  BavarianWheels

Well, well, well. Yeah, why post this twice is an excellent question. More importantly why is heat more important than brakes/steering/suspension? Based on that mentality it's best for me to bow out now before I say something to make you guys get some popcorn. :rolleyes:

posted by  vwhobo

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